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    Stress from COVID-19 reports

    I am so stressed with the recent news such as vaccines, increased cases, and new variants. It's like it's never-ending and I'm losing my mind like what are we doing? The world's a mess and I don't think we'll ever be genuinely happy and free. I'm having anxiety attacks, especially when going...
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    Serial Killer Movies Are Causing Me Anxiety

    Serial killer documentaries/movies are emerging on TV. I watched one for like 5 minutes and I couldn't continue. I remember the last time I saw a movie about this topic was decades ago. If I remember correctly, it was Saw. It's causing me anxiety and panic attacks. I'm not sure if my brain is...
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    COVID-19 and Mental Health

    Mental health has been affected the most during the lockdowns. It's hard not to think that most chaos were the result of the pandemic. How have you dealt with the stress and anxiety caused by unpleasant news here and there?