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    Identified! CA - Los Angeles Co., HispFem in 2 wastewater plants, Oct'13 - Erin Cruz

    More at link:,0,1770425.story#axzz2j6iO49hB
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    Don't wash chicken before cooking Much more at link above. There are 2 videos included, one to animate why not to wash chicken, and another Julia Child video - the one where she explains which kind of chicken is which. I loved that episode (along with the one...
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    Oracle issues update to Java to fix major malware vulnerability,0,5276008.story
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    Egg Yolks as Bad As Smoking?

    Egg yolks are bad for you again.,0,1391259.story
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    Baby Otter nursed back to health :skip: :skip: :skip:
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 19 October 2011

    Please post your links or coverage from t.v. here for today! :tyou:
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    Live MSM coverage on Baby Lisa 18 October 2011

    Bill S and Tapocina are on The Today Show, BS says he thinks baby is still alive...more being said. Video usually up on The Today Show in half an hour or so.
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    Peru - Stephany Flores, 21, murdered in Lima hotel room, 30 May 2010 #21

    Start here. A mod will have to close the old thread. BRB with link to last one. Joran Van der Sloot Confesses to Murdering Stephany Flores Ramirez #14 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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    Sources: Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed Caylee "Sources close to the Casey Anthony case told Local 6 News on Thursday that they have overwhelming evidence showing that she intentionally killed her young daughter, Caylee, and was solely responsible for the toddler's death."...