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    Tammi and Jack Smith Moving to Tennessee?

    Logan McQueary has posted some new information on the BHGJ website about Tammi and Jack Smith... Tammi has received Court permission to move to Tennessee. and see:
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    Elizabeth Writes a Poem to Logan

    Baby Gabriel's Mother Writes Poem to Boy's Father From Jail The Universal Mother
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    17 Sept 2010 - Baby Gabriel mystery becomes social-networking phenomenon In which the writer refers to TPS as a "Bible-thumping matron."
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    Mystery Couple- Loving Parents or Captor/Crooks? *Closed for Review*

    It seems that a lot of people who say they support EJ really are saying that they like the end result- they believe that Gabe is somewhere with a loving family, doing well. Is that possible when the "new addition to the family" was obtained by illegal means? If we know nothing about the...
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    Sightings subthread - locations near the Laundromat

    imo - ej would fit right in- she used myspace too-