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  1. JenniferTx

    The Innocence Project and Darlie Routier

    What do you all think about the Innocense Project accepting Darlie's case? All I can say that if they help prove Darlie is indeed innocent I will have a lot of crow to eat! I've believed her to be guilty for years but if they can prove me wrong I'm willing to admit I was wrong and offer my...
  2. JenniferTx

    Today Damon would have turned 28 years old.

    Damon Routier would have turned 28 years old today. Happy Birthday in heaven Damon.
  3. JenniferTx

    So Casey is going to California to visit Scott Peterson on death row? Is this real or a sick joke?

    So Casey is going to California to visit Scott Peterson on death row? Is this real or a sick joke? Casey Anthony Says She Will Visit Murderer Scott Peterson On Death Row To 'Help Wrongfully Convicted People'
  4. JenniferTx

    Ok so now it is 2019...anyone have an update on Darlie?

    Just curious what everyone knows about Darlie now days. Seems like everything has been quiet for a long time now.
  5. JenniferTx

    Brush used to test the fingerprints on the bread knife questioned????

    Hello all- I have followed Darlies case for several years and in all of these years I have never heard anything about the brush that was used in dusting the bread knife for fingerprints. I found this video last night and was wondering everyone's opinion on what is said at the 26:45 minute...
  6. JenniferTx

    What do you believe will happen to Darlie Routier?

    Since Darlie Routier has been on Texas Death Row now well over 20 years what do you believe will happen to her?
  7. JenniferTx

    Thinking of the boys this morning and I had a question

    Hard to believe it has been 19 years tonight that Darlie killed Devin and Damon. I was just wondering if anyone had ever known what Darlie was watching on television that night while she was on the couch. Granted we all believe that Darlie never went to sleep that night but I was curious as to...
  8. JenniferTx

    Family ties

    I was curious if anyone knew if the Darlie clan was still close with the Routier clan. I know that after the murders occured in 1996 that Darin lived with Darlie Kee for a long time. Just curious if they all are still close or even still speaking after all of these years.
  9. JenniferTx

    Vote for what you think happened to Alexandria Lowitzer

    I just wanted to start a poll to see what people think happened to Alexandria Lowitzer - the missing girl from Spring, Texas. Her case has not received the attention it deserves and her family deserves to know what has happened to Ali.
  10. JenniferTx

    The blood clean-up at the sink

    Can someone give me some information on the clean-up at the sink? I keep seeing the sink on different crime shows and want to know where they discuss the sink in the transcripts and I can't find it.
  11. JenniferTx

    Knowing all you know today about this case who do you think really killed JonBenet?

    I know that so many people have spent years researching the JonBenet case and I was curious who you think killed her. I have had the same person in mind for years and still come to the same person after so many years. I'm just curious who you all think the real killer was. I know several...
  12. JenniferTx

    Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon?

    Do you think Darlie premeditated the murders of Devon and Damon or did she kill them in a fit of rage?
  13. JenniferTx

    How soon will Casey be released back into society?

    So when do you all think the soonest Casey will be released back into society?
  14. JenniferTx

    Where did the prosecution go wrong?

    I thought the prosecution did the best job they could. Where do you all think they went wrong? Was the jury listening to the same trial we were listening to?????
  15. JenniferTx

    15 year anniversary today

    Today marks 15 years since Devon and Damon were murdered. I wonder how many more years Darlie will sit on death row before her time is up? RIP Devon and Damon.
  16. JenniferTx

    Who do YOU believe killed JBR?

    Who do YOU believe killed JBR? I have always thought it was Burke.
  17. JenniferTx

    Current relationship between Burke and his father

    Does anyone know what the current state of the relationship is between Burke and his father?
  18. JenniferTx

    So who does Aphrodite Jones think is the killer is?

    Just curious to know who does Aphrodite Jones think the killer is? I know several of the posters on this board are almost experts on this case and have followed it from the beginning. I'm curious to know what some of the experts on this case think.
  19. JenniferTx

    What book to read first

    I just bought Flesh and Blood and Hush Little Babies. I was wondering which book I should read first. Any suggestions?