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    Could this female be one of his victims? :seeya: seems to fit a few of his MO actions
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    Sid Crosby visits children in the hospital

    Sidney Crosby Visits the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh - YouTube he also visited another boy this week.. they are good men MAlkin was there as well as other Pens Players..:twocents:
  3. websurfer ever see or hear of this service? :twocents:
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    Who feels some commercials are bullying themes?

    One commercial stands out among others as far as bullying maybe it is more showing favortisim? The commercial where the little dark haired girl is sorta sad not getting the live PONY cuz "YOU DIDN'T ASk" where she gets a sad face cuz she has the toy pony and the nice real pony goes to the...
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    Need help with new avatar

    anyone have some good ones? And I forget how to get one on my profile too.Would need help downloading one if i find a nice one thanks to all..:blowkiss:
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    About Caylee's Memorial toys for poor kids now this is the most giving and sensible thing they have done yet... I think Caylee's memory will be to give to needy children during the holidays... She probably would like to...
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    If you have not heard this yet please listen now **NOT NEW**

    A psychic from the DETROIT area has said she has a message from Caylee to her MOmmy and her family and everybody;jsessionid=64F48411B361A490233CCA018FD41FC7?contentId=7328004&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1...
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    Font size?

    some people do not like big fonts. I can see them much better. Some wonder . If you can't see well how do you read other normal font sized posts? I do use a magnifying glass. I do not want to change my fonts on my computer as it would create problems for me in everyday use. now this is hard to...
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    Will anyone who viewed Casey's MS & FB get into trouble for looking?

    it was public wasn't it? not set to private. Till after the fact right/ any lawyers out there who can answer this question?
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    Are any Pedaphiles in that area?

    I was wondering if anybody had checked to see if any known Peds were in that area? I am thinking maybe a sinister person had contact with Caylee and Casey found out ? And decided to have Caylee removed from that area? just a wild thought I had today... i know there are...
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    Could Casey get in trouble for not paying taxes on her wages?

    I was wondering this. Since casey Anthony insists she was working [ and paying a Nanny] if she does not come forward to the tax collectors with a paycheck [or record of payment] from her employer/employers couldn't she get in trouble for avoiding paying her taxes? What will her...
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    here is a map of near Anthony home could Caylee be here?,DLUS:2007-52,DLUS:en&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl Could Caylee be here?
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    Casey Anthony BiPolar?

    Could Casey Anthony be Bipolar? Also i have read many forums about this case. Casey had a seizure at one point last year was it? and her friend Jessie Grund took her to the hospital. So I wonder what caused this seizure? What type was it/ I also wonder how long she has been dilusional? As all...
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    Missing Couples

    While looking into other cases On The Doe Network I came across some odd ones... The ones about the Missing couples? Also a few of the found dead couples? But up till now I see no resolved couples cases? I did not link today ..It would be good if someone o WS could post some of the...