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  1. Leila

    What Does Joel Brodsky Know?

    I'm wondering what Joel Brodsky knows. He's no longer Drew Peterson's attorney, and was seen talking with Cassandra Cales, Stacy's sister, at the hearing for a new trial on February 20th. From the Chicago Tribune: Among the oddities Wednesday, during the unusual hearing on post-trial...
  2. Leila

    Article on Drew Peterson - June 4, 2012

    The British Daily Mail has an article on a woman who's received love letters from Drew. She's known him since she was 14, but now believes he killed Stacy.
  3. Leila

    Trial Analysis

    We’re now two full weeks into this trial. On Friday, Linda Drane Burdick stated that the state expects to finish their case in chief on Friday June 17th, so we’re about half-way through the state’s case in chief. For those who’ve watched this case unfold, we’ve read the discovery...
  4. Leila

    Trial - Week 2 - What To Expect

    Tomorrow begins week 2 of the trial. There will be a motion hearing prior to the jury being brought in and the trial resuming. Attorney Mark Lippman, the Anthony's attorney, will be presenting his motion. On Saturday, Cindy Anthony was on the witness stand. Her testimony so far has covered...
  5. Leila

    Why Have George and Cindy Requested a Video Visitation With Casey?

    Posted by Nums24 in the News thread of May 3, 2011: Casey Anthony: George and Cindy ask to see her, WKMG reports Quote: “I am told her parents are waiting for her to decide whether or...
  6. Leila

    Joel Brodsky Is Demanding Drew Peterson's Release From Jail!

    Joel Brodsky is reportedly on his way to Joliet to demand Drew Peterson's release from jail. He's basing his demand for Peterson's release on Rule 315(a) of state rules. 3) Release of Defendant Pending Appeal. A defendant shall not be held in jail or to bail during the pendency of an...
  7. Leila

    Peterson lawyers seek to bar autopsy testimony

    There will be a hearing on Friday, July 2, to determine if Dr. Michael Baden will be allow to testify. Peterson lawyers seek to bar autopsy testimony By the CNN Wire Staff July 1, 2010 7:02 p.m. EDT STORY HIGHLIGHTS Lawyers say examiner's testimony "irretrievably compromised"...
  8. Leila

    June 18, 2010 - Pre-Trial Hearing in Kathleen Savio Murder

    Today the court is hearing motions in a pre-trial hearing in the Kathleen Savio murder trial, which is scheduled to begin on July 8th. Joel Brodsky has introduced a number of motions, including a motion to ban Stacy Peterson's name from the trial. The defense has also requested the trial be...
  9. Leila

    Search Site: Maps and Property Ownership

    This is the place for maps and documents pertaining to property ownership of the search site in the northwest area of Peoria, Illinois.
  10. Leila

    Discussion of the New Lead in the Search for Stacy Peterson

    This is thread 2 in the possible break in the search for Stacy Peterson.
  11. Leila

    Theories Based on LE Search in Peoria Area - June 5, 2010

    We may have a break in this case with the reports that LE is searching and digging in an area northeast of Peoria, Illiniois for the remains of Stacy Peterson. So we don't muddy up the search thread with theories, I thought we could have a thread here devoted to theories based solely on the...
  12. Leila

    The Black Car

    According to this report, LE has found the black car and it's now undergoing examination for evidence.
  13. Leila

    Amber Dubois Remains Found!

    Remains of Ambere Dubois found in Pala 3:53 PM By City News Service Skeletal remains found in Pala were positively identified as those of missing Escondido teenager Amber Dubois, the Escondido Police Department announced Sunday. Amber was 14 when she went missing more than a year ago while...
  14. Leila

    Humpin Hash House Harriers

    This is a very strange group - joggers, but it sounds like a party afterward including alcohol and sex. Chelsea was jogging and so was CM, the jogger who was attacked on December 27th. Is there a connection? How many other female joggers have been approached menacingly by JAG? There could...
  15. Leila

    Maps and Images **NO DISCUSSION**

  16. Leila

    Events Leading Up to Trial

    Drew Peterson's lawyer files motion to close hearing January 4, 2010 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- The public may not learn details about the so-called hearsay evidence against Drew Peterson. On Monday Peterson's attorney filed a motion to close an upcoming hearing. More at link...
  17. Leila

    Mark Fuhrman ???

    Most of us here who followed this case from early on will remember that when Greta Van Susteran was covering the Anthony case every night on her program, she had Mark Fuhrman and her producer there in Orlando on the scene reporting on the day's happenings. It was Mark Fuhrman who was the first...
  18. Leila

    Peterson adding to his defense team

    Deleted as it was a duplicate.
  19. Leila

    What We Know, What We Don't Know

    Ever since the news of Jaycee Dugard being found after 18 years in captivity, there's many things I've wondered about and I'm sure many here have wondered too. There were some conflicting reports on Wednesday, August 26th, and Thursday, August 27th. Some media were reporting that Jaycee walked...
  20. Leila

    Inside Edition: Interview with Phillip Garrido's First Wife

    Inside Edition is devoting a portion of their program today to this case. First up is an interview with Katie Calloway, the first victim in 1976. She's recounting the same information we heard last night on LKL. There's a brief statement by the prosecutor in that case, who says he was angry...