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  1. not_my_kids

    Lapeer, MI - schools on lockdown, prison break

    Not much information, but it appears that there has been a lockdown throughout the Lapeer, MI school district. This is standard under the circumstances. Thumb Area Correctional is considered to be pretty secure, but I'm not surprised, considering that there is hardly anyone left to staff the...
  2. not_my_kids

    Last minute donation of $250,000 for toys for tots

    This made me bawl like a child myself. Our local toys for tots centers have been putting their all into gettin last minute donations. One man slept outside for sponsored money on the coldest night we have so far, in order to bring in some donations. It was not enough. There has been a record...
  3. not_my_kids

    GUILTY MO - Emjay Corn, 18 mos, beaten to death, Joplin, 29 Oct 2011

    So, ladies and gentlemen, meet Eric Hicks. Eric Hicks was apparently doing well. He had a girlfriend, he was going to a methadone clinic to fight his addiction, good job, Eric. Right up until Saturday morning, when Eric was faced with a dilemma. He had an appointment to go get his methadone. He...
  4. not_my_kids

    *alleged* Baby Lisa sightings.

    I'm going to go dig up links in a minute and add them to this post. 1. We have the neighbor that thought they saw a man carrying a child wearing only a diaper on the night/early morning that Lisa disappeared. 2. We apparently have a second sighting that corroborates that sighting. 3. There...
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    NC - 4 live kids, lots of dead pets, Rockwell

    David Lore Jr. and Angela Lore ran a pet store. They also had four kids between 7 and 16. Earlier this month, DSS gets a report that the living conditions in their home are unfit for anyone, no matter how many legs they have. Report said the house was dirty, the pets weren't being fed and if...
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    GUILTY MI - Dominick Calhoun, 4, beaten to death, Argentine Twp, 11 April 2010

    Dominick Calhoun was 4 years old when he died. he was beaten to death by his mother's boyfriend, 24 year old Brandon Hayes. Brandon Hayes now faces 9 felony counts, including torture and first degree murder. On Thursday morning, Dominick was eating breakfast on the sofa when he wet himself...
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    KY - Parents get drunk and high - leave 5 week old in oven Larry Long is blessed. He has a job where he can smoke pot, enough money for strong whiskey, and a five week old son. Larry also...
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    OH - Butler County Child extensively groomed for prolonged sexual abuse, MIddletown

    Middletown Municipal Judge Mark Wall ordered all three cases sent to a Butler County grand jury Friday, March 12, finding probable cause on charges of rape and gross sexual imposition for William Bayless and his wife Brenda Middleton, both 35, and gross sexual imposition against their roommate...
  9. not_my_kids

    Fake ID/aka Elizabeth Jones

    I thought that since it keeps popping up on other threads, it should have it's own. We have heard from the bus ticket seller that she had a fake ID in the name of Elizabeth Jones. We don't know where, when or how she obtained this id. But, if you google 78206 (a San antonio zip code) + fake...
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    MI - Kalamazoo MI woman held and beaten for three days.

    A Kalamazoo woman says her boyfriend beat her up and held her hostage for three days. Now, he's on the run and police are trying to track him down. The family came to Newschannel 3, looking to bring the attacker to justice. Originally, Newschannel 3 heard that the victim was held hostage...
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    General Case Theories *LIST ONLY / NO DISCUSSION*

    Since there are so many aspects of Gabriels case that have an unknown element, it might be good to have a place for the general theories or those that don't fit in with any of the other threads.
  12. not_my_kids

    4th hand copy of forensic book

    The illustrated guide to forensics: true crime investigations by Dr. Zakaria Erzinclioglu Hardback, real pictures and case studies, touches on most areas of forensics. Is a fourth hand copy, still in good condition, heavily highlighted, brief notes in some margins. I can send in about 2 weeks...
  13. not_my_kids

    GUILTY WA - Jennifer, 28, & Emma Morgan, 3 mos, murdered, Seattle, 21 Dec 2009

    He actually killed two people; his girlfriend, 28 year old Jennifer Morgan and 13 week old Ema Morgan. On Tuesday, 11-22-2009, the two bodies were found by Jennifer's mother. Daniel and Jennifer were renting her basement for themselves and Ema. Jennifer was only too happy to be a mother, but...
  14. not_my_kids

    Identified! CA - Santa Cruz, WhtFem 675UFCA, 31-51, Apr'08 - Reina Swierski

    This womans partial remains were found on 4-4-2008 in Santa Cruz, CA. Her head was found in a bag on the side of Highway 17, and I assume that the remainder of her was not located. Since her body is still missing, there are no height or weight estimates. Although there was some soft tissue...
  15. not_my_kids

    TN TN - Hannah Johnson, 20, Macon County, 8 Nov 2009

    Hanna Johnson, 20 year old mother of a 9 month old daughter, seemingly walked out of her life on Sunday. She lives with her mother and her daughter, and her mother says she is not the type to leave her child. She was last seen walking Macon County's Highway 52 on Sunday. Search dogs were...
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    FL - Somer Thompson, 7, Orange Park, 19 Oct 2009 #10

    Continue here for discussion about Somer Thompson case. Previous threads: Thread 9 Thread 8 Thread 7 Thread 6 Thread 5 Thread 4 Thread 3 Thread 2 Thread 1
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    Jaycee's emails

    Since it was starting to take over another thread, it should have it's own. Can we please move discussion of the emails that may have been sent by Jaycee regarding the printing business here? This way it can have it's own area and if we find anything interesting or useful about the emails or...
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    3 Dead After Half-Marathon in Detroit

    I was watching this this morning on the news and didn't see anything about it here. It's so odd, they were all three of them in good shape, one of them too young for a heart attack, all three dead...
  19. not_my_kids

    Match! CO - Pagosa Springs, WhtMale 1282UMCO, 20-28, Oct'82 *Stewart Simmons*

    I don't have a whole lot that I am basing this on, except that the time and geography seem to fit pretty good. The missing man doesn't look like the composite of the Doe, but for some reason the composite of a man that might have had blond hair, is drawn all in dark pencil. So, it makes it hard...
  20. not_my_kids

    MI MI - Curtis Twp, WhtFem 30-50, UP8371, many healed fractures, gap b/w upper front teeth, Oct'94

    This woman was found in October 1994 in Curtis Twp., Alcona County. She was White, between 30 and 50, 5'0-5'4 tall, weighing about 102 pounds. She had blond or light brown hair, and there was no estimate on her eye color, since she was skeletal. It is estimated that she died sometime between...