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  1. chicagofa13

    Coleman case on 48 hrs tonight 5/5/12

    The case is featured on 48 hrs. tonight on CBS. Still can't get over how his parents stand by him and think he is innocent. :banghead:
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    IL - Justin Boulay, Andrea Will's Killer, Free And Moving To Hawaii

    I didn't see this posted when I searched, if it is, please merge. TY. Almost thirteen years ago, in December of 1997, Eastern Illinois University freshman Andrea Will broke up with her boyfriend, 20-year-old...
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    GA - Pastor Jonathan Ayers, 28, killed by LE in Toccoa drug sting, 1 Sept 2009

    I didn't see this doing a search on WS, mods please merge if necessary. Very interesting, and the video captures part of the incident. ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A north Georgia pastor was shot to death by police when...
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    CA CA - Andrew Urdiales - Charged In Five Calif. Murders, 1986-95

    Several cold cases solved!! I did a search for the perp and all the victims here on WS. Didn't find anything, but I have erred in the past, so mods feel free to merge if there is already a thread. SANTA ANA, Calif. - A...
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    2009.04.15 Issues:w/JVM

    Lots being thrown out in the first 5 minutes so I thought I would start this instead of posting all over (which I was doing!). I apologize in advance if this is all old news... Sheneman: Parents please come forward if any kids had inappropriate contact. MH tries to commit suicide by...
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    NM - West Mesa Murders (2003-05)

    Possibly bones of missing prostitutes. :( ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Bones from six bodies have been uncovered in the desert west of Albuquerque during the past two weeks, and police said Tuesday they were likely put there by one person. As detectives...
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    POI: Lorenzo Montoya

    Possibly bones of missing prostitutes. :( ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Bones from six bodies have been uncovered in the desert west of Albuquerque during the past two weeks, and police said Tuesday they were likely put there by one person. As detectives...
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    13 y/o thought it would be good to have a kid (with the 15 y/o mom)

    Oy vey. This is wrong. On sooooooooooooooo many levels. Put this up there with Octomom. A 12 y/o getting his GF pregnant. Unreal. Take a look at this kid's pic in the second link. I know this happens, but can't they just keep it hidden from me! :eek...
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    Man discovers coworker is really his Dad

    This is crazy!! He'd been looking, and his Dad was looking too... (Feb. 12) – Police Sgt. Chris Walker struggled to solve the mystery of finding his own biological father -- until...
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    IL IL - Sherry Gordon, 12, & Theresa Hall, 10, Decatur, 31 Oct 1984

    Did a search and couldn't find this case. On blackberry so not able to cut/paste.,2933,491245,00.html
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    FL - Donna Kern, 81, & William Chapman, 59, murdered, 7 Feb 2009 *Insanity* PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Police released new information Monday in the investigation of a woman accused of killing two people, including her grandmother, at two different locations in northern Palm Beach County and shooting at strangers on...
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    FL - Two dead, 7 injured in Liberty City shooting, 23 Jan 2009

    Another shooting not making much news, it happened Friday night. Obviously there is no connection between the Saturday night Portland shooting and this one, but I find it odd he chose to shoot into a crowd just like the FL perp did. Maybe he saw this on the news and decided this was how he...
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    OR - Two dead, 7 injured in shooting at Portland under-21 club, 24 Jan 2009

    This story hasn't really made the news, which is odd, since it's ANOTHER mass shooting. It happened Saturday night. A young man chose to shoot at a crowd of young people waiting in line to get in an under-21 club. Two young people were killed, including a foreign exchange student. Several...
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    Issues with JVM 1-21-09

    I don't see a thread!
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    Crime Scene Investigators return to Anthony Home with Search Warrant #2

    Crime scene investigators at A's home. Four crime scene investigation vans just pulled up at the Anthony house. The property has been taped off as a crime scene. Deputies have entered the house and crime-scene investigators are waiting outside...
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    GUILTY CT - Mayra Cruz, 13, & Carmen Lopez, 17, raped & murdered, Hartford, 1987 & 1988 HARTFORD, Conn. - A registered sex offender was charged Friday with killing three Hartford girls in the 1980s, and a man who has served 20 years in prison for one of the deaths is seeking a new trial. Pedro Miranda, 51, was arrested at his New Britain...
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    GUILTY CA - Five people shot to death in Long Beach homeless camp, 1 Nov 2008,2933,446024,00.html
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    IL IL - George, 37, & Linda Weedon, 41, Keyesport, 23 April 2007

    Hope they break this case soon, seems obvious to me. (AP) George Weedon hid a tractor behind a false wall on his property, allegedly for a bankrupt dairy farmer who authorities say was trying to conceal assets from his...
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    GUILTY IL - Edwin 'Eddie' Gulbransen, 11, Oak Forest, 26 June 1980

    This is just sick. This poor family, all these years they believed this guy just killed their child by accident and tried to cover it up. Now it's kidnap, sexual assault and murder.,0,373939.story MARKHAM, Ill. - A...
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    OR - Leah Freeman, 15, found murdered, Coquille, 28 June 2000

    I am placing this in Cold Cases because I think that's where it goes, however if it is not the right place, please feel free to move it. Leah Freeman was 15 years old when she was murdered June 28, 2000. For five weeks they searched for Leah. Her body was located August 3, 2000. This small...