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  1. KMouse

    Arias Trial; Compare the receipts and the monetary transactions

    January 10, 2013 morning Lead detective, Special Agent Nathan Mendez from the Major Crimes Unit on the stand Exhibits #273.001 to #237.022 are items taken from the box in JA's bedroom. #237.021 Budget rental car receipt. There was no Budget rental car location in Yreka, there were two...
  2. KMouse

    Canada - Beverly Rowbotham, 42, murdered, St Andrews, MB, 24 Oct 2000

    The long awaited murder trial of Mark Stobbe has begun. Stobbe is accused of murdering his wife Beverley Rowbotham in October 2000.
  3. KMouse

    GUILTY Canada - Nancy Swenty, 33, Fisher Branch MB, 27 July 2011 Nancy Joyce Swenty missing from Fisher Branch, Manitoba, Canada since July 27, 2011.