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  1. Brightbird

    Stoner sloth

    I could have put this in news that makes you smile, because I sure laughed. I thought this was a parody and then I realised, nope, this is actually an Australian anti drug campaign. I reckon the ad makers were tripping on something harder than marajuana when they came up with this :facepalm...
  2. Brightbird

    US anti-abortionist banned from Australia, detained in Melbourne

    Well, this just got more interesting. US anti-abortionist Troy Newman was scheduled to visit Australia on a speaking tour. His visa was cancelled after it was decided that he failed the character test for Australia. The justification is that he promotes violence (and harassment perhaps?). He was...
  3. Brightbird

    Australia - Phil Walsh, 55, slain, Somerton Park, SA, 3 July 2015 *Insanity*

    This is just terribly sad. The coach of the Adelaide Football Club has been stabbed to death, and his son is charged with his murder. The Adelaide Crows are a top league AFL team here. It's obviously going to be devastating for his family, but also for the whole football community who are in the...
  4. Brightbird

    Fox News blurs out breasts in Picasso painting

    I think someone at Fox got a little overzealous with the nudity policy :facepalm: Pics at link. Read more:
  5. Brightbird

    Australia - Traci O'Sullivan, 41, murdered, Frankston North, Vic, 7 Feb 2015

    Traci O'Sullivan was found murdered at her home on Feb 7. There's been very little media coverage of her, and the police are staying very tight-lipped about the circumstances. Now police are appealing for the public's help...
  6. Brightbird

    GUILTY Australia - Renea Lau, 32, raped & murdered, Melbourne, 28 June 2014

    I've never started a thread - hope this goes right. This is frightening. Wonder where this transient man is hiding out, and what his mental state is. This is quite local to where I work. My mum works with the homeless population around this area too. The lady was found "in an undressed...