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  1. LolaMoon08

    Found Safe FL - Jeremias Lopez-Domingo, 9, Cape Coral, 24 Oct 2017 *Arrests* "Jeremias Lopez-Domingo was last seen around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday by his soccer coach at the Cape Coral Sports Complex on 1510 Sports Blvd, according to police. The boy went to the restroom during a break in...
  2. LolaMoon08

    FL - Couple Arrested for Abusing ten adopted/foster children, Cape Coral Police said the teens were transported to Health Park Hospital and, during conversations with officers and EMS personnel, said Spurgeon had been physically and sexually abusing...
  3. LolaMoon08

    Found Deceased FL - AMBER ALERT: Diana Alvares, 9, Fort Myers, 29 May 2016 #1 While San Carlos Park has some very nice areas... there are also some very shady areas. There are a lot of registered sex offenders within that small area. It doesn't say what time she went missing, but...
  4. LolaMoon08

    GUILTY FL - Tamara Davis, 42, murdered, North Fort Myers, 22 Aug 2014 We've had quite a few cases locally where a child (all male in these cases) that murder their parent/s. Another victim. I just don't understand the minds of our youth?
  5. LolaMoon08

    GUILTY FL - Richard Moffitt for molesting teen girl, Estero, 2014 This is my nieces school!! My nieces parents got a call from the school even though it is summer vacation and they didn't know why. Well, all I can say is that any parents NIGHTMARE came...
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    FL - Fernando Barahona, 22 mos, homicide, Cape Coral, 3 June 2013 "Cape Coral Police confirm an active ongoing criminal investigation, but we've learned the Department of Children and Families has opened several cases involving the people that live in the...
  7. LolaMoon08

    GUILTY FL - Brianna Addison, 2, beaten to death, Fort Myers, 30 Jan 2013 This one is close to home for me. Oh, and DCF was involved previously... of course! R.I.P. little one!
  8. LolaMoon08

    Light A Candle: Trayvon Martin

    R.I.P. Young Trayvon! Praying for Justice!
  9. LolaMoon08

    I am so sorry, Caylee!!

    I am so sorry that we failed you, sweet Caylee. As a Floridian, I feel so responsible for what has happened. I do not understand?? I can not understand? I dont' know what happened? I really don't?? Can someone tell me what happened?? I feel like we let her down.. and I am so ASHAMED?? I need...
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    National Appreciate Your Moderator Month: April 2011

    I would like to dedicate this thread to all of our amazing moderators here in the Caylee Marie Anthony section. With the trial looming overhead... I have to wonder about the super secret cyber (not science... Mr. Baez) meetings about how you will deal with us during the trial? If I may...
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    Murder 1 or a Lesser Included Offense?

    Bumping this thread: I didn't know where else to put this, but a comment left by Richard Hornsby that was made in the Ask a Lawyer thread, has got me thinking. Could Casey Anthony be found guilty of a lesser charge? I copied Beach's post over there (thanks Beach) FL Statute 782.07(3) -...