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  1. TakeNote

    POI in Lindsey's Case

    what time was the bike dumped and where?.....was the bike left any where near mikes or the jewlery shop?....or could it be seen from either place?
  2. TakeNote

    WA WA - Sky Metalwala, 2, Bellevue, 6 Nov 2011 - # 5 Bellevue police are taking into evidence a small child’s shoe found near where 2-year-old Sky Metalwala’s mother said the boy vanished on Sunday.
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    "Jersey" and MW

    i think the craigs list ad is recent and not the day lisa went missing.....LE found the number that had been called from the missing cell phone by finding this recent craig list listing....
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    Mystery Man Surveillance

    this is all i have to say :biggrin: Eyewitness - Ms. Swan - YouTube
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    Mystery Man Surveillance

    how do they even know it was a man? looks like someone wearing a white robe or trench coat
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    The boys heard clicking Noises discuss here

    taking off pieces of tape
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    cadaver dog hits in Irwin home~search warrant served on family home #5

    i wonder if the clicking noise was from the tape dispenser :eek:
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    Did Lisa's Mom do it? Poll

    :eek: :thud:
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    2011.10.18 - Police searching 2 locations

    so relieved that they are still searching for you Lindsey :hug:
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    MO - Lisa Irwin, 10 months, Kansas City, 4 Oct 2011 - #6

    the cell phones will lead to finding the baby.....someone wants the baby to be found.....just my thought
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    MO - Lisa Irwin, 10 months, Kansas City, 4 Oct 2011 - #6

    why would someone kidnap a baby and take three cell phones.....hinky
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    New Search 9/12/2011

    REPORT: Search For Susan Powell In Utah Turns Up Human Remains Police searching for signs of Susan Cox Powell in a remote area of Utah have found human remains, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. MORE DETAILS:
  13. TakeNote

    WA - Lindsey Baum, 10, McCleary, 26 June 2009 - #19

    :rose: thinking of you sweet heart :rose: sorry i missed some special events.....i want to go and see her tree....what a wonderful thing you all have done! :grouphug:
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    What did we learn today 7-03-2011?

    they did!.....they said Caylee is the one who snuck out of the house.......climb into the pool to drown :banghead:
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    2011.07.03 Defense (CM) Closing Arguments #2

    his voice is scary when it's raspy.....:eek:
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    2011.07.03 Defense (CM) Closing Arguments #2

    :waitasec: did he just say a law suite?
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    We're Doing it Again. Another Test Show of Websleuths Radio Tonight 11PM EST

    oh boy :great:......the Sooners are calling in :woohoo:
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    2011.07.01 Sidebar Thread (Trial Day Thirty-Three)

    what link were you watching to view this.....the two i had cut out while she was still sitting there....
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    2011.07.01 TRIAL Day Thirty-three (Afternoon Session)

    i didnt think i could dis-like KC anymore then out that she allowed her defense to saw open our baby's skull for NOTHING....i have no words...:(