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  1. PoppyH

    Plagued By Mysterious Knocking, Widowed Women Turn To Police

    RUTHERFORDTON, N.C. -- Five widowed women living near Rutherfordton have one eerie thing in common: persistent knocks on their doors and windows at night. One 83-year-old woman, who was interviewed for this story but did not want her identity revealed, said the knocks have gone on for more...
  2. PoppyH

    Truck Crashes into My Daughters Apt. Building Thats my Daughter Sarah and Granddaughter Audrey that they are interviewing, Thank God no one was hurt!!
  3. PoppyH

    Nancy Grace ,Monday,Feb, 9, 2009

    Doors open at showtime!!
  4. PoppyH

    Nancy Grace - Wed., Jan 28, 2009

    Its almost time
  5. PoppyH

    Who Thinks Casey Has Confessed Caylees whereabouts to JB?

    I wanted to do this poll based on JBs Statement I think you know the one I mean:crazy: