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  1. Anniegirl


    I am thinking Burke is 20 or 21 now?-- wonder if once 'daddy' passes away he may spill what he knows? Also wondering when he gets ask ,why did your parents say you were asleep when you can be heard in background of 911 call ? Wonder what his response is? surely , people ask? I am just full of...
  2. Anniegirl

    Super Dave

    How's the book coming along?
  3. Anniegirl

    Tybee- One year already :(

    I see the date and it brought a tear to my eye but yet a smile to my face remembering all the funny stories. Rest In Peace Tybee. YOU ARE SO MISSED! p.s. Mods ..please merge this thread -where there is another one..I didnt see one
  4. Anniegirl

    Run for the Innocent now underway ! Tom is attempting to break a record by running 3000 miles from Cali. to Fla in 45 days ... Go TOM!! He deserves all the praise in the world for what he's doing-- is not to bring glory to him but to honor the memory of Jessica Lunsford and hope to save...
  5. Anniegirl

    Nancy Grace has twins early

    Just heard on The View that Nancy had twins, a daughter and son permaturely over the weekend.. Anyone have a link to how they're doing? I looked for a thread on this and couldn't find it.
  6. Anniegirl

    Bob Woodruff

    ETA:I posted this in the Jury room, however, i think his story and inspiration to anyone who hears of his recovery and rally to help other American soldiers injured with TBI"s is a story that should be a good news story and a story to bring a smile to anyones face and a tear in your eye...
  7. Anniegirl

    Reporting child abuse

    A new country song by Jason Micheal Carrol is a good public reminder i hope to anyone who listens to country music how important it is to report if they suspect a child is being abused. Here are the lyrics of the song. This song instanly made me think of Nixmary Brown the little girl tortured...
  8. Anniegirl

    We channel special on Jonbenet's murdrer I watched this special last night, it was very interesting and up to date even as far as reporting Patsy's death in June and John Mark Karr fiasco in August. It's chilling seeing some of Smitt's evidence and how very...
  9. Anniegirl

    Off the fence?

    Ok, maybe not completely but with one leg hanging off the fence and the other still stubborningly hanging on-After years of following the JBR case and believing that no way could a parent or parents do this to their child, I have came to accept that, Yes, there can be such cruelty in the world...
  10. Anniegirl

    Rest In peace now JonBenet and Patsy

    May Patsy and her beautiful daughter now rest in peace.
  11. Anniegirl

    Woman delivers 14 pound premature baby!
  12. Anniegirl

    Miss Kentucky crowned Miss USA

    My niece traveled and roomed with Tara on a modeling gig in Fla a year and a half ago! Like that means anything to anyone, hehe , but i thought it was pretty cool! My niece, Carla...( she won at a county fair pagant 4 years ago, "Miss...
  13. Anniegirl

    KY KY - Morgan Violi, 7, Bowling Green, 24 July 1996

    Morgan Jade Violi November 3, 1988 - July 24, 1996 Morgan Violi was just 7 years old when she was abducted while playing in a parking lot near her home in Bowling Green, Kentucky in late July of 1996. Her badly decomposed body was not found until September. Her murder is still unsolved...