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  1. ChristYTN

    EVIDENCE - Pro and Con #2

    That's actually been my gut feeling since not long after. Especially after a certain someone passed.
  2. ChristYTN

    EVIDENCE - Pro and Con #2

    I saw that certain person is making the rounds to all sorts of pages and posts.
  3. ChristYTN

    EVIDENCE - Pro and Con #2

    Or...the old 'give them enough rope ' thing. We all know TM isn't one to shut up. It's a good thing that the kidnapping charges are still there and SM still has an obstruction of justice charge. Just think about that.
  4. ChristYTN

    EVIDENCE - Pro and Con #2

    I think it's a move to not risk double jeopardy. ....or....they have solid proof the M's kidnapped her and someone else finished the job? ...... I'm still nauseated at that news drop just now.
  5. ChristYTN

    GUILTY TN - Kayla Qualls, 26, beaten to death, Tullahoma, 26 Nov 2012

    The actual sentencing will be in January now. The family of Kayla made their victim statements a week or so ago. The dragging out of this injustice needs to end so her sweet family can stop these frequent frustrating courtroom visit's. The killers family has been absolutely horrible to...
  6. ChristYTN

    Holly Bobo found deceased, discussion thread *Arrests* #7

    Sorry.....jumping back in the WS world after a hiatus. I've been following some and catching up just the past few days on a few cases I've had interest in . This is way further back on this thread, but re: newschannel 5 Nick Beres....he's a local 'sensationalist' clickbait/sweeps...
  7. ChristYTN

    Holly Bobo, missing from TN 2014 discussion #2 ***ARREST***

    It's not a secret that TBI needs some 'growing up' to do in these cases...they keep silent far too much about these things, and it's sad because we are NOT a low crime rate state. We rank way way up there in violent crimes. It's a very common conversation I have had with many LE here, how bad it...
  8. ChristYTN

    EVIDENCE - Pro and Con

    I thought when SM was using the.payphone...TM was sexting the teen boy? Or am I incorrect?, As an aside, I hope that mother presses charges. Sent from my HTC Flyer P510e using Tapatalk HD
  9. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #29***ARREST**

    The money thing is sticking out to me too. Payoff? Liquid asset plan? The short timeframe of to/from PTL makes me wonder if she was picked up by SM and delivered to the M house ...remember TE calling it a 'den of sin'? Or was she delivered quickly to a third party we have yet to know about...
  10. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #27***ARREST**

    My theory on their alleged 'consultation with a lawyer' is they went to said lawyer consult, crying that they were being 'bullied/harassed/stalked' etc. First consult is free. They damn sure didn't say "Hey..we are main POI in a murder case... " They cried and whined about TE being a meanie...
  11. ChristYTN

    Holly Bobo, missing from TN 2014 discussion #1 ***ARREST***

    I didn't jump to see if it had been answered yet. Kelly is Megan Sharptons mother. Megan was brutally murdered and it is still held to believe they are somewhat related. (meth users/possible friends in the murderers) Kelly passed away in November and was in contact with Hollys mom often...
  12. ChristYTN

    Holly Bobo, missing from TN 2014 discussion #1 ***ARREST***

    I feel so much love for her family... and so much hate towards za. Jesus couldn't stop me from jumping over that rail and going nuts. And I'm sad as HELL because Kelly Sharpton wanted to see this day happen too.
  13. ChristYTN

    Holly Bobo, missing from TN 2014 discussion #1 ***ARREST***

    SERIOUSLY?? That was her big case?? Bedford county <mod snip> 'adoptive' "Mother" case?? Oh good...
  14. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #25 ***ARREST**

    I'm playing catch up again on this stuff. My thought was the "Consulted" with an attorney saying "Hey...we are being harassed and bullied..." Said attorney said " fee is $xxxxx.xx " (Maybe knowing the story we all knew) and said "Just don't talk to anyone" When the arrests...
  15. ChristYTN

    New Search Warrants in Holly Bobo case 28 February 2014 #1

    prayers and prayers and love and light to the Bobo family, always...but more so today. PLEASE FIND HOLLY!!!! Show the way pretty girl!!!
  16. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #23 **ARREST**

    VINE will tell you, but not sure if it is available in SC? I know when dfj was moved to another jail and eventually to the state prison here in TN...we all got VINE alerts to our phones. It was an "OMG" moment when you see someone was 'released from custody'...and then the receiving facility...
  17. ChristYTN

    Condolences for the Elvis family & Friends

    Elvis family and friends, Know that you have the support of everyone on WS. We are behind you for justice for beautiful Heather and will be here no matter what. Keep the beautiful and sweet memories of your babygirl...and know you are in many many many prayers. Mr Elvis, consider using your...
  18. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #22 **ARREST**

    I will never catch back up you guys!! lol Thread #22...jeezzzz, you guys are fast! I'll just pick a spot and go from there. And I bet the jail CO's are having a heck of a time with lady monster.
  19. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #22 **ARREST**

    Help!!! I'm xx # of pages behind and I can't get up!!! I'm mobile and Softail mentioned how affairs/ cheating and the high emotions.... My parents divorced when I was 11. Daddy had a number of other interests. One woman in particular was the one that had told everything to my mom. Daddys...
  20. ChristYTN

    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #21 **ARREST**

    Not saying I'm positive they are repeat killers....but these two are a special kind of dumb and very very very evil. I'm so so so upset at how TM victimized the Elvis family and taunted them and even had followers that did the same. How TE held himself back deserves a medal. Sent from my HTC...