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  1. Nore

    OH - Condemned killer Billy Slagle found hanged in cell

    condemned-ohio-killer-billy-slagle-found-hanged-in-cell-sunday-morning . Billy Slagle was due to die on Wednesday.. He saved the State an injection, now someone else can get it. Mods~ I didnt know where to put this. Please move to proper spot. Thanks, :seeya:
  2. Nore

    Ashtabula Shelter Dogs Become Search..... This is a good idea. Most dogs are very smart. It will save shelter dogs and help community.
  3. Nore I hope this is ok.if in the wrong place mods please move it.This was my first try at a thread.Interesting article from today.:seeya:
  4. Nore

    OH - Jeffrey Lungren, Avery Family Murder

    Lungren has been denied clemency. He was convicted of murdering the Avery family in 1989. Lungren will die on Oct. 24th 2006.Thank God!!!