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    MD - Ranarda Williams, 35, strangled, Baltimore, 8 Sept 2016 *Arrest*

    " Baltimore police believe one man is responsible for the deaths of two prostitutes. Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said officers came upon a crime underway and were able to catch the suspect. People who live on Dolfield Avenue in northwest Baltimore said they heard...
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    MI New post-mortem Process

    “I understand that this may be a little bit morbid for some people to understand, but, interestingly, there’s been a lot of support for this because people see how valuable that information is and how needed this training is,” said Alan McEvoy, Head of the Sociology and Anthropology...
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    Few good websites

    I just wanted to share a few good websites I found for missing in Michigan and Canada.
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    UT UT - Sarah Norfleet, 18, Bountiful, 20 June 1993

    Age 18 (at time of disappearance) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5’2” to 5’4” Weight:134 to 145 pounds Sex: Female Race: White/Asia Scars and Marks: Norfleet has a scar on her throat near the center. She has a surgically corrected cleft palate; left, right, upper and lower fractures of...
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    Found Deceased MI - Michael Rollins, 32, Grosse Pointe Shores, 23 Nov 2016

    Missing from Grosse Pointe Shores, MI on November 23, 2016
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    MI MI - Rodney Granroth, 71, Portage Twp, 17 Nov 2016

    Case Report - NamUs MP # 36189 Case Information Status Missing First name Rodney Middle name Robert Last name Granroth Nickname/Alias Date last seen November 17, 2016 00:00 Date entered 11/21/2016 Age last seen 71...
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    WA WA - Union Gap, NtvAmFem 26-40, 918UFWA, found on Tribal Land, clothes, "bowling-type" shoes, Feb'88

    I ran across this and didn't see it anywhere. It mentions a possible 32 other bodies. Unidentified Native American FemaleFound February 16, 1988 in Yakima County, Washington. Estimated Age: Late 20's to early 30's Race: Native American Gender: Female Height: 4'11"-5'1" Case...