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  1. Moxie Vi

    LA LA - Dwayne Broussard, 21, has a guardian, didn't pick up his check or prescription, Baton Rouge, 14 Nov 2022

    It would be such a shame if this was a crime targeting the LGBTQ+ community. After seeing all of the pics on the site above I wonder how he was dressed. (I use the pronoun he because that is what his family used and I’d hate to assume his preference.)
  2. Moxie Vi

    FL - Jared Bridegan 33, father of 4 ambushed & killed, Jacksonville Beach, 16 Feb 2022

    Such a sad situation. <modsnip> Florida widow begs for help finding her husband's killer | Daily Mail Online This is a FB video from a reporter in Jacksonville that he filmed with the police at the scene, so we can see the actual spot.
  3. Moxie Vi

    Found Safe MO - Jaiden Allinder, 20, Independence, 20 Dec 2020 *last seen involved in a disturbance*

    What a bizarre scenario! Just from reading the excerpt it was hard to understand if she was taken and then returned with 3 men to gather stuff or if it was all one incident. I also wonder why she was pleading with them to be silent, assuming that is what happened and it isn’t just a grammatical...
  4. Moxie Vi

    Found Deceased IL - Vanessa Ceja Ramirez, 22, murdered, Midlothian, 2 Nov 2020

    Purely coincidental I am sure but just so odd to go missing while walking with mom. Hunt for missing Staten Island doctor, 44, who 'vanished without a trace' eight days ago | Daily Mail Online
  5. Moxie Vi

    MI - Timesha Beauchamp, 20, found alive at funeral home after being declared dead, Detroit, Aug 2020

    So sad and scary. I assume much of the damage to the brain could have been avoided had she been transported to the hospital for treatment immediately. This case reminds me of an episode of Evil which is streaming on Netflix. A young soccer player “dies” of a heart attack and is declared dead...
  6. Moxie Vi

    Found Deceased AL - Duston Turner, 39, & Jennifer Phillips, 30, Quinton, 14 Sept 2016

    It's a shame that anyone with any shred of responsibility is not being held accountable. Thank you for the update!
  7. Moxie Vi

    Found Deceased KY - Savannah Spurlock, 22, left 'The Other Bar' with 2 men, Richmond, 4 Jan 2019 #6 *Arrest*

    I can think of one that was fairly recent. The names escape me, so my apologies. A college age girl went to a bar near a campus in Philadelphia (I believe) and went home with a guy that killed her in his apartment in the city. He then put her in a tote and took an Uber to his grandparent's...
  8. Moxie Vi

    Found Deceased WV - Philip "Buckie" Barlow, Adult, Preston County, May 2019

    Be careful DonnaMae! We don't want you to end up like Buckie. If you want to become a verified insider, please do, otherwise your posts may be removed for containing information that has yet to be reported in mainstream media. I wonder why the police wouldn't be interested in the gun the guy...
  9. Moxie Vi

    SC - Kayden John Stuber, 2, Dead after Finding Gun in Grandmother's Purse. Greenville. 20 June 2019

    My husband is big into guns and gun culture. I am not. I did take a concealed carry course with him and have my permit. It was eye opening. We were taught that if one carries a gun outside the home then it is useless if it doesn't have one in the chamber at all times. As a matter of fact, my...
  10. Moxie Vi

    SC - Kayden John Stuber, 2, Dead after Finding Gun in Grandmother's Purse. Greenville. 20 June 2019

    I agree with the opinion that this is negligence and not an accident. My husband has 2 handguns that he carries as his concealed. One is a glock, one is a Smith & Wesson. Glock doesn't make a gun with a traditional safety... a little switch that has to be flipped for the trigger to be pulled...
  11. Moxie Vi

    FL FL - Jasmine Robinson, 23, pregnant, Archer, Alachua County, 18 Feb 2019

    $8,000 reward offered for details on missing pregnant woman
  12. Moxie Vi

    NM NM - Wade Taylor, 38, Alamogordo, 6 May 2017

    This is so ridiculously upsetting. My heart hurts for this family and Wade. Maybe we should rename LE as DPS (Dept of Public Safety) everywhere to remind them of their main purpose. So sad.
  13. Moxie Vi

    GUILTY SD - Phyllis Hunhoff, 59, Yankton, 4 November 2018 *ARREST*

    Wow.. I'm shocked. That poor lady. I think that whatever happened must have been a nightmare, especially if it's what was described in the comments on the FB link on the post above mine. Nightmarish enough to cause me to shock comment after hanging up my commenting shoes years ago. Thanks for...
  14. Moxie Vi

    Identified! Fl - Marion County, Whtfem Remains, Shoulder Tattoo (am. Robin Bird), 11 Jun 2018-name withheld

    The article has a great picture of her shoulder tattoo. UID aren't my forte but y'all are amazing! Ocala Post - Can you identify this tattoo? Information needed to identify human remains Per the article "According to MCSO, the tattoo wraps around the woman’s right shoulder and depicts an...
  15. Moxie Vi

    True Crime Writer & Blogger Michelle McNamara dead at age 46

    Fentanyl can be prescribed as a long acting pain reliever for chronic pain. It's not only used for people with cancer or terminal illnesses. I've been on Fentanyl, in patch form, several times in the 9 years since my back broke. It was used in place of meds like Oxycotin or extended relief...
  16. Moxie Vi

    Found Deceased CA - Emma Pangelinan, 13, Mission Viejo, 21 Jan 2018

    I believe it means Snipped By Me and indicates that they only quoted part of a larger response. Not meant to be disrespectful for sure. There is a list of WS acronyms around here somewhere that I'll try to find if no one else beats me to posting them first. Here is a link to WS Lingo...
  17. Moxie Vi

    VA - Bethany Stephens, 21, mauled to death by her 2 dogs, Dec 2017

    Since you ask... I have a lab/pit mix that was originally my husband's and then a 3.5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier ("pitbull") that we brought home when she was 5.5 weeks. I grew up in a household with extreme breed bias and am judged harshly for having my dogs. The decision on the...
  18. Moxie Vi

    CO CO - Kelsie Schelling, 21, pregnant, Pueblo, 4 Feb 2013 *Arrest*

    I'm so happy that Kelsie's family may now finally have their questions answered and be able to find whatever peace is possible. It's a shame such a beautiful soul who touched many people during her short life has had her own life end with such tragedy and delay of justice. Justice delayed is not...
  19. Moxie Vi

    IL - Kenneka Jenkins, 19, found dead in hotel freezer, Rosemont, 10 Sept 2017 #1

    This is my theory. Something nefarious in the room followed by her wandering while impaired after being left by her friends.
  20. Moxie Vi

    16 Year Anniversary of the Terror Attacks on 9/11/01

    Thanks for the thread Tricia. If only everyone had been saved! I hate to be a stickler but it happened in 2001, not 2002. Simple typo!