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  1. Dee10

    Family of Heather Elvis to hold news conference - 04/02/15

    The family of Heather Elvis will hold a news conference tonight at 5 p.m. The news conference is expected to address the social media activity surrounding the Heather Elvis case, according to a release from Debbi Elvis, Heather Elvis' mother...
  2. Dee10

    Police: Infant Found Dead In Virginia Not Baby Lisa

    Police: Infant Found Dead In Virginia Not Baby Lisa Read more: Anyone have an idea of who this precious baby would be???
  3. Dee10

    Irwin Attorney: ‘Jersey’ Bragged About Kidnapping Lisa Irwin

    Irwin Attorney: ‘Jersey’ Bragged About Kidnapping Lisa
  4. Dee10

    2011.05.22 Levi Page Show - Timothy Holmseth: Shocking Truth Revealed!

    Tonight shocking family court documents depict how Haleigh Cummings conspiracy author Timothy Holmseth takes his obsession with the Haleigh Cummings case to a May 22
  5. Dee10

    2011.02.14 - SA's high school mate speaks out

    Not sure this needed a thread, but I didn't know where to put it.:winkaway:
  6. Dee10

    Home & Shed Search

    1/06/11 Yesterday, authorities were focusing their search on the home of Hailey Dunn and a shed just behind it. Several officials were seen carrying out bags of what appear to be evidence.
  7. Dee10

    New "Dateline" - 2010.11.12 Kyron Horman case

    NBC to air new "Dateline" program on Kyron Horman case PORTLAND, Ore. -- A new Dateline NBC will explore the latest developments in the Kyron Horman case. The show airs November 12 and will feature interviews with parents and kids from Skyline Elementary, where the 7-year-old was last seen...
  8. Dee10

    Kyron no longer to be listed as a Skyline student.

    O/T Kyron Horman to be no longer listed as Skyline student Kyron Horman was being dropped from the registry of students at Skyline Elementary. Matt Shelby with the Portland School District confirmed the boy missing that's been missing for 15 weeks was being dropped as a current...
  9. Dee10

    Will there be an arrest very soon?

    This sounds like an arrest will be made very soon, as the only way they will answer "a lot more questions" is after an arrest. "Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton Sunday said he had "no comment" directly about the facts in the article, and he was "not sure how the information was obtained"...
  10. Dee10

    2010.04.11 - "The News In Review" / Blogger News

    This is a weekly online radio show usually on Haleigh Cummings & Caylee Anthony expanded to include other missing & abused children. Today's show featured Jaemi Levine - who started "Mothers Against Predators" she had a number of comments on the Somer Thompson case. She spent 1 1/2 weeks there...
  11. Dee10

    Who related to this case is arrested now?

    Up until a day ago, I didn't understand we could start threads & I am trying to abide by the rules; it is tough to pick a generic title. I wanted to do this one "Is LE going to start arresting the Cummings side of the family"? But never mind. :angel: Family member of Haleigh Cummings jailed...