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  1. Yaya

    GUILTY MO - Angie Housman, 9, kidnapped, held then murdered, St Louis, 18 Nov 1993

    St. Louis, MO November 18, 1993, Angie Housman, a trusting fourth-grader, vanished after getting off her school bus up the street from her home. Nine days after her disappearance, a deer hunter found her body in a wooded area. Angie had been tied to a tree and died slowly of exposure. She had...
  2. Yaya

    CA CA - Lawrence Singleton: Brutal Attacker & Killer

    Lawrence Singleton was a brutal attacker and killer and I don’t believe it started with Mary Vincent in 1978 Based on his age (he was 50 years old when he attacked Mary Vincent), I believe this man could have been connected to many girls missing or unidentified in the California, Nevada, and...
  3. Yaya

    UNSOLVED WI - Dane Co, Skeletal remains in woods, Nov'05

    Human Remains Found Mon 11/14/2005 - A hunter walking through a wooded area near the intersection of Highways 138 and 14 made a grisly discovering - human skeletal remains and a gun. The Dane County Coroner says they have made a tentative identification, based on information at the scene...
  4. Yaya

    GUILTY KY - Francisco Aldaba, 28, Miniamin Osorio Lazaro, 19, slain, Bourbon Co, 1 Sept 2005

    Hunter Finds Skeletal Remains Of Two Boys Nov 14, 2005, 05:02 PM PARIS, Ky. (AP) - The skeletal remains of two people, found in rural Bourbon County by a deer hunter, are those of two young male adults and both had been murdered. State Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Emily Craig verified...