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  1. Kymistry35

    FL FL - Miami-Dade Co., BlkFem UP1176, 0-5, wrapped in hospital gown, Apr'90

    The Doe Network: Hot Case 1117 No Image Available Unidentified Black Female The victim was discovered on April 18, 1990 in Miami-Dade County, Florida State of Remains: Recognizable Face Vital Statistics Estimated age: 0-5 years old Approximate Height and Weight: under 4' Distinguishing...
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    NC NC - Sonjah Kingston, 27, Greensboro, 2 July 2002 This caught my attention bc there was another girl, Samantha Barremore, who disappeared from the same town who also worked at the same strip club.
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    FL FL - Watson Island, BlkFem 790UFFL, 16-26, in Japanese Gardens, Feb'81

    Unidentified Black Female The victim was discovered on February 3, 1981 in Miami-Dade County, Florida Estimated Date of Death: Less than one day prior Cause of Death: Multiple blunt force trauma Vital Statistics Estimated age: 16-26 years old Approximate Height and Weight: 5'2"; 90 lbs...
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    FL FL - Margaret Dash, 38, Clearwater, 14 June 1974 Ran across this ladies story and her daughter's words just broke my heart. Maybe some of you could help me search for possible matches?
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    New Princess Blue Sketch ?

    Is there any way to get a new sketch of Princess Blue done? Forensics have come a long way in the last few years. I think a new sketch or a clay sculpture of her may help generate some new leads. Maybe a fresh perspective is exactly what we need to get a jump start on this case again?
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    Dogs Rescued From Abuse in a Lab are Adopted I am so happy that some of these dogs have found homes. I hope they have many years of life left to be loved.
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    Possible match Tamara Dawn Porrin, 15 - Missing Since: 22 Nov 1986 from DuBois PA

    Tamara Dawn Porrin Missing since November 22, 1986 from DuBois, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Classification: Endangered Missing Vital Statistics Date Of Birth: November 13, 1971 Age at Time of Disappearance: 15 years old Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 60"; 130 lbs...
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    Possible match Ramona Warren, 24 - Missing Since: Feb 1991 from Greensboro NC Its been a while since I have worked on PB but I don't remember this girl being considered, I may be wrong. It says that she was last seen in 1995 but that cant be proven and she was estranged from her family since 1986 but not reported...
  9. Kymistry35

    Identified! NC - Nash Co., Remains of 2 males, Sep'10 - Juan Rodriguez & Fermin Jimenez They aren't saying much but they don't think they are related to the other missing women in the area, so I am thinking they must suspect that the remains are either male or either children. Not much more info, but here is another link...
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    Resolved NC - Halifax County, LIVING Female, Jul'10
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    GUILTY NC - Maxine McCrary, 92, & Nancy Burgess, 65, murdered, Roanoke Rapids, 7 May 2010

    Man kills mother and her adult daughter on Mothers Day. Second suspect turns self into police
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    Lord Jesus Christ hit by a car The mans actual name is Lord Jesus Christ.:waitasec:
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    IA IA - Melissa Dawn Hasley, 31, Des Moines, 18 Oct 2002

    Classification:Endangered Missing Adult Alias / Nickname:Missy Date of Birth:1971-06-23 Date Missing:2002-10-18 From City/State:Des Moines, IA Missing From (Country):USA Age at Time of Disappearance:31 Gender:Female Race:White Height:64 inches Weight:90 pounds Hair Color:Blonde Eye Color:Hazel...
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    GUILTY NC - Adoptive mother charged in felony child abuse This monster adopted this little boy from China in November and has pretty much being abusing him ever since. He is in Duke hospital with severe brain injuries. Praying for him to heal.
  15. Kymistry35

    Identified! FL - Daytona Beach, UID woman stabbed, burned, May'90 - Tamar Scott If you listen to the video, it says that they initially thought she was a white woman, so her parents refused to submit DNA. RIP Tamar.
  16. Kymistry35

    GUILTY NC - Josiah, 2, & Gabriel Hawthorne, 1, die in house fire, Charlotte, 28 Feb 2010 Why did this witch even have custody of these precious babies after all the trouble she had been in?! I am glad that two of the babies survived. RIP Josiah and Gabriel. ETA: A more detailed story...
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    GUILTY NC - Trever Cowen for child molestation, Hope Mills, 2010 That poor baby! To have her mom call her a liar after what she already went through!! ETA: I just noticed in this article that it says she posted it on Myspace, but it said Facebook on the news.
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    NY NY - Queens, Queens Blvd & 69 Rd, WhtMale 30-50, UP6104, scars, Sz 13W shoes, jewelry, Feb'99

    The Doe Network: Case File 268UMNY Unidentified White Male Located in Queens, New York City, New York, on February 10, 1999. Vital Statistics Estimated age: 35-40 years old. Approximate Height and Weight: 6'0"...
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    GUILTY NC - Julianna Mathews, 14, killed, mom injured, Louisburg, 19 Jan 2010 WTH is in the water in N.C. this week?
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    GUILTY NC - Melissa Wise, 38, found murdered at Rocky Mount motel, 13 Jan 2010 Melissa Jo Wise, 38, went missing from her job in a massage parlor in Franklinton, NC. She was found murdered in a hotel room in Rocky Mount, NC. Police have arrested Ronald Ricks, Jr. and charged him with her murder. Just last week I posted a...