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  1. DairyGirl

    Crazed kitty attacks baby, forces family to call 911

    I get flash alerts from the Portland police bureau that usually tell of crimes, missing people and information about suspects, that kind of thing. Today I got this: I could not believe that an alert was sent out about this. There was an article about the incident on our local news website...
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    GUILTY OR - Bryan Mansor, 11 wks, beaten to death, Metzger, 12 June 2011
  3. DairyGirl

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Are Divorcing,,20608003,00.html There's a surprise. I thought they were so happy <insert sarcastic font here>
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    Drunk Driver Allegedly Crashes Into Rehab Center

    One of the first signs you might have a drinking problem is when you crash your car into a rehab facility. That's allegedly what happened in Eugene, Ore., to Damien Bittar on Thursday about 90 minutes after he turned 21 -- the legal drinking age -- according to the Register-Guard...
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    The Most Awesome Name Ever
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    Need a New Butt? Try Fix a Flat
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    Aretha Franklin Denies Undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery This is what confuses me. What kind of surgery causes weight loss and adds years onto your life that isn't weight loss surgery? Do you think it's a matter of words? Maybe it wasn't...
  8. DairyGirl

    TX TX - Joshua Davis, 18 months, New Braunfels, 4 Feb 2011 - # 1 I thought I would start a thread here. Maybe I am cynical after being around here for a while but this doesn't seem right to me.
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    GUILTY CO - Caden Rodgers, 2, dies of head trauma, Aurora, 4 Jan 2011

    This brought tears to my eyes. God bless that pilot.
  10. DairyGirl

    GUILTY AZ - Susan & Rachel Brock for child sexual abuse, Chandler, 2010
  11. DairyGirl

    2010.07.14 Nancy Grace

    Nancy is talking about Kyron tonight. Bombshell!
  12. DairyGirl

    Landscaper says Terri Horman wanted him to kill her husband! Of course this comes out at 4:00 in the morning and no one is around to talk to about it! This answers the questions as to why the restraining order. It also says that Kaine was not home when 911 was...
  13. DairyGirl

    Britney murphys husband found dead

    More at link
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    GUILTY IL - Joshua Funches, 23, shot to death, University Park, 9 May 2010 Apparently this guy has been released on a 3 million dollar bond.
  15. DairyGirl

    GUILTY OR - Jason Pine, 24, stabbed to death, Portland, 12 May 2010

    This is up the street from me. The body has been outside on the sidewalk for hours. Very upsetting. We just moved here and now I don't know if I want to stay. I am hearing it has to do with drugs.
  16. DairyGirl

    GUILTY NV - Geno Valerio, 2, drowned in swimming pool, Las Vegas, 2 May 2010 I am just speechless.
  17. DairyGirl

    GUILTY TX - Brelynn Nobles, 2, beaten to death, Fort Worth, 28 April 2010

    Another child killed by her mother's boyfriend. I really think they should have a forum just for these things.
  18. DairyGirl

    GUILTY FL - Jayla Jackson, 2, dies 4 years after abuse, Pompano Beach, 26 Feb 2010
  19. DairyGirl

    GUILTY OR - Serenity Sanchez for stabbing 3yo girl, Portland, 2010

    More at link.
  20. DairyGirl

    Huckaby defense seeks second Sandra Cantu autopsy STOCKTON — A judge refused to rule on a request today by Melissa Huckaby’s attorney to have 8-year-old Sandra Cantu’s body removed from her Tracy mausoleum so the defense could conduct its own autopsy...