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    RI RI - Wendy Madden, 23, Pawtucket, 11 March 1991

    There is now a renewed push to solve a cold case in Pawtucket. 25 years ago, Wendy Madden's body was found behind a local bar, and investigators on the case say they have new leads that could bring her killer to justice, all thanks to social media. Wendy Madden had just turned 23 years old...
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    RI RI - Donna Anthony Fisher, 38, Cranston, 5 Dec 1986

    In 1986, Donna Fisher, age 38, was the victim of an unsolved homicide in the City of Cranston, RI. A neighbor found Donna unconscious in the upstairs bedroom of her home on Friday, December 5th, just 45 minutes after speaking with her on the phone. She was found on the floor under a quilt...