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  1. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC NC - Jamekia Sabb, 16, Charlotte, 22 Nov 2013

    I did a search and did not see a thread for this beautiful young lady. Here is a link to her missing poster by CMPD. The following is a link to her families...
  2. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Andrew Hale Hold my Hand video

    So this guy Andrew is on a college campus in Utah and he is walking up beside people trying to hold their hand. Very funny, very interesting responses, and thank goodness no one hit him lol. The you tube video game me a quick 2 minute chuckle, thought you guys may need one too...
  3. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Failing to report offenses involving children no longer a crime for NC principals

    Before this school year, it was a crime if a principal in North Carolina failed to tell the police about a sexual offense, or other incidents, involving children. That changed in June. All but one North Carolina lawmaker voted to pass Senate Bill 394, that no longer made "failing to...
  4. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC - 24 Men charged with Child *advertiser censored*

    RALEIGH Attorney General Roy Cooper announced Thursday the arrest of two dozen of the state's "hardcore child exploiters" as part of an ongoing effort to crack down on Internet *advertiser censored* and child sexual abuse. Dubbed "Operation Spyglass," authorities arrested the 24 men in a five month...
  5. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC - 17 Year Old Father Accused Of Abusing Infant Son

    And here we go again. In Charlotte, NC, my town, AGAIN! First the triplets now this guy the very same week. I'm losing faith in people, and that depresses me beyond belief. Read more:
  6. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC - Terrell Nelson Investigated for Abuse of 3 month old triplets

    One infant suffered head trauma, facial bruising and a hemorrhage around the left eye usually associated with suffocation, according to court documents. The girl's sister had similar injuries, but they were not as severe. Her brother was not injured. Read more...
  7. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    MISTRIAL NC - Addyson Camerino, 9 days, mauled to death, Clarkton, Aug 2011

    Hi, I wasn't sure where this went, so I put it here as it was about a child, however, not sure of the intent here. Anyways, according to the link below, a 9 day old infant was found mauled to death by dogs.
  8. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Mother dies in fire after saving kids

    We continually hear of women, men, let's just say parents, that do horrible by their children. It hurts us to hear that. It hurts me just as much. This woman is a true mother in my book, not like a lot of the others. RIP sweet lady :(...
  9. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    GUILTY NH - Wesley Botelho, 1, drowned in bathtub, Manchester, 20 July 2010

    I did a search but did not find a thread on this woman. Sorry if I just missed it! A Manchester mother has been charged with negligent homicide in the death of her 1-year-old over the summer. Police said that in July, Jessica Botelho, 23...
  10. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC-Matthews man Charged in Cyberbulling case It seems like this 27 year old adult wanted to harass and bully a minor through email. IT's been going on since May 09 :( She finally went to police recently, good for her!!
  11. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Romantic? Cow Manure Valentine! very different! lol love the wife's reaction! (picture of the dung valentine at link :D )
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    NC NC - Tiffany Wright, 15, pregnant, Charlotte, 14 Sept 2009 *Arrest* A pregnant teenager shot at her school bus stop died early Monday. Police said Tiffany Wright, 15, was 32 weeks pregnant when she was shot in the head on Mallard Creek Road between Sugar Creek Road and Harris Boulevard in north Charlotte...
  13. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    SC - Xymerra Evans, 11 mos, raped & murdered, Richburg, 4 Sept 2009

    If there is already a thread I apologize. I looked, but there were no names and very vague information in article this morning. "ROCK HILL, S.C. Investigators say someone beat and sexually abused an 11-month-old South Carolina baby before she died. Authorities told The Herald of Rock Hill...
  14. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Identified! NC - Durham, UID remains in Eno Park, Aug'09 - Jonathan Gardenour
  15. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    Italy - Amedeo Amorosi, 56, Siena, 4 June 1996

    I searched as well as I knew how to make sure this was not already submitted. Very far fetched I know, but I had only saw Mr. Kyle's picture in glancing and this guy stood out to me... anyways... probably not but here... Amedeo Amorosi
  16. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    FL - Disney Employee Accused child/baby *advertiser censored*

    If this is already posted, I apologize. UGHHHHHH:doh::sick::banghead:
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    GUILTY NC - Netha Barnwell, 89, & Louise Smith, 75, slain, Bamberg, 7 May 2006
  18. Angels_Not_Forgotten

    NC NC - El-Jahid Allah, 2, Charlotte, 14 Mar 2003 the link above has pictures. This is the first post that i have started so im not sure that this is right, but I was looking on the missing persons database for Charlotte NC and was OUTRAGED at the number of cases getting no attention...