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    Guaranteed to make you smile, an orangutan and hound dog turn into best friends

    A video from National Geographic's show, Unlikely Animal Friends...this is just too cute !
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    Otters holding hands...SO CUTE !

    ‪Otters holding hands‬‏ - YouTube
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    2008.11 Events Surrounding the Casey Anthony Case

    I hope I am not repeating a thread that has been already started, if so please Mods delete. Thanks to Belle3 for suggesting this thread ! There seems to be an abundance of activity during the November 2008 time line (some possibly related events also occur in October through January)...
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    GUILTY MD - Hamington Ravanales Orozco, 27, shot to death, Silver Spring, 27 May 2010

    Short man sought in killing Montgomery County detectives are looking for a 3-foot, 11-inch murder suspect in connection with a shooting last week in Silver Spring, officials said. The suspect, Henry Chavez, 28, current address unknown, is known to frequent Silver Spring and Wheaton and...
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    2010.05.04 New audio tape of Tommy from jail I haven't listened yet, but apparently this has just been posted today.
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    2010.04.22 -New tapes of Ron

    Hope this is ok to post. Here's a link to two new tapes...
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    GUILTY DC - Five dead, 8 injured over missing bracelet, SE Washington, 22-30 March 2010

    Gunman Kills 4 With Spray of Bullets in Southeast Four officers injured pursuing suspect Updated 10:54 AM EDT, Wed, Mar 31, 2010 District Police have been pleased with the reduction of homicides in the city so far this year. But an explosion of violence Tuesday night in Southeast was...
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    Man destroys meat in supermarket during a stabbing frenzy
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    2009.12.14 Linda T. (volunteer at KF tent) interview w/ OCSO

    Linda volunteered to help out the Anthony's and spent quite a bit of time at the KF's tent. She witnessed George taking packages of T-shirts, etc to mail out and also witnessed his "collection" of money from the donation jars. Linda also told LE she remembers tearing off "electrical tape" to...
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    2009.12.11 Tim Miller interview with OCSO

    Tim's interview with LE is very interesting. He talks about the first time they went to the Anthony's home, before the first search. He said that George went into Casey's room and brought her out to the table (where there was a map) and asked her to draw an X at the spot. Casey refused to do so...
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    Suspected Marine Rapist A Decorated Veteran

    Suspected Marine Rapist A Decorated Veteran WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The 21-year-old marine charged with the armed robbery and attempted assault of an Arlington woman on February 10th, is a decorated three year veteran. He was working as an administrative clerk at the Pentagon when he was...
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    Suspicious behavior of Haleigh Cummings father

    I hope it's ok to link this article, written by Levi. I didn't see that it has been mentioned so far and if it has, mods please delete... I thought the article was written very well and includes many of the questions we ask here frequently. Suspicious behavior of Haleigh Cummings father...
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    Nancy Grace 02.19.2010

    Nancy will be covering the video's released of Ron and Misty dealing drugs (after her segment on Tiger Woods, of course). Stay tuned...
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    Five Sets Of Twins Born In Frederick Hospital In 48 Hours

    Five Sets Of Twins Born In Frederick Hospital In 48 Hours FREDERICK, Maryland (WUSA) -- The labor and delivery wing of Frederick Memorial Hospital has lived up to it's name over the last few days. Doctors there have delivered five sets of twins since Monday. They've got 10 fingers, 10...
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    Mitigating Factor: Casey's Parents

    I have become increasingly worried that Cindy and George will end up being the main mitigating factor the defense goes with. What is scary to me is the thought that Casey's family may be the most successful of the mitigators with a jury. A jury could give her somewhat of a break considering the...
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    DC Cop pulls weapon at snowball fight

    Just had to add this to the list... Chief critical of detective at snowball fight WASHINGTON - The head of the Washington, D.C., police union is decrying the police chief's public criticism of a detective for pulling a gun during a snowball fight. Videos of the plainclothes officer...
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    Casey's Body Language and Reactionary Comments#3

    During the latest hearing, on Dec 11th, a few questions were raised about Casey's body language in court. I am no expert on the matter, but did find a good website that explains different body positions and their possible significance to thoughts and feelings. I would be very appreciative if...
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    GUILTY FL - Sanchia Xavier-Velez, 28, charged in death of newborn, Orlando, 3 Nov 2009

    Orlando Woman Charged With Drowning Baby In Toilet Autopsy: Baby Was Alive At Birth POSTED: 11:26 am EST December 11, 2009 UPDATED: 4:26 pm EST December 11, 2009 ORLANDO, Fla. --"An Orlando woman is charged with drowning her newborn baby in a toilet." "Sanchia Rae Xavier-Valez is...
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    "Investigative" e-mails between Dominic C, Cindy A, Lee A, etc...

    Hope this is ok to start a thread on this mass amount of e-mails between Dominic, Cindy, Lee and attorneys...I am not completely done reading them but can honestly say I have seen enough. The link...
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    2009.06.12 Document Release

    I didn't see a thread started yet and some of the documents are being released. Some of these we have seen before, hopefully some new discovery will make it's way here soon... TRANSCRIPTS: Cindy Deposition TRANSCRIPTS: Lee Deposition...