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    YouTuber reveals she gave her 4-year-old adopted son with autism to another family

    "A popular YouTuber who frequently posted about raising an adopted boy on the autism spectrum from China has now given him up to a new family. In an 8-minute video, Myka Stauffer and her husband Jim explained their decision to give up 4-year-old Huxley, drawing criticism from those who accused...
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    NM - Marilyn Gandert, 65, body found burned, Albuquerque, 26 Jan 2018

    The charred body found west of Rio Rancho Saturday afternoon has been identified as 65-year-old Marilyn Rose Gandert of Albuquerque, according to an Albuquerque Police Department spokesman. Officer Simon Drobik said Gandert was reported missing from Northwest Albuquerque on Sunday. link
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    CA - UPS worker kills three colleagues in San Francisco, turns gun on himself

    A UPS driver opened fire with a handgun inside a United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N) delivery center in San Francisco on Wednesday, killing three co-workers before fatally shooting himself as police closed in, authorities and company officials said. Two people wounded by gunfire were taken to a...
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    Possible Victim: Shannan Gilbert #2

    This is a continuation of the Possible Victim: Shannan Gilbert thread. Quoting from the original to clarify why this thread was started in the first place. That said, please do not attack each other and/or make accusations against each other. Also, bashing victims' family members is against...
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    Mexico Mexico - 9 Human Heads, 32 Bodies Found in Secret Graves

    ACAPULCO, Mexico — Investigators searching clandestine graves have found 32 bodies and nine human heads in southern Mexico, authorities said Thursday. Rival drug gangs have been engaged in a wave of extortion, kidnappings and turf battles in the area. Soldiers and police found the graves...
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    Beyond the Boardwalk - 48 Hours - CBS News (2007-2008)

    Beyond the Boardwalk This story originally aired on May 19, 2007. It was updated on Feb. 21, 2008. This 7 page special, by CBS 48 Hours was, imho, one of the most impressive and extensive pieces of reporting on the Atlantic City murders, to date. As such, it's deserves its own thread.
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    The Killing Season Episodes (via Web) *NO DISCUSSION*

    Episodes: Whoever Fears Monsters The Ramifications of Unsolved Murders Meeting Super Super's Background Former Commissioner Dormer on Calling Out a Serial Killer The Most Dangerous Game Peaches Danse Macabre Heads Face East Megan Waterman A Darkness on the Edge of Town Foot Fetish...
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    Netflix's 13th Explores Modern Slavery in Incendiary New Documentary

    Ava Duvernay’s film investigates the roots of America’s mass incarceration problem. Ava DuVernay was finishing up her civil rights drama, Selma, when she got a call from a Netflix executive: Would DuVernay be interested in making a documentary? DuVernay, who had previously directed two docs...
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    US shuts down sex trafficking ring targeting Thai women, 2016 *arrest*

    US prosecutors say they have shut down an international sex trafficking ring in an operation stretching from Thailand to the US. Twelve Thai nationals and five Americans were charged with illegally transporting hundreds of women from Thailand. Their victims were forced to work as prostitutes...
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    CA - San Jose: Massive child-*advertiser censored* cache leads to man’s arrest

    SAN JOSE — “One of the vilest” child-*advertiser censored* cases Santa Clara County Sheriff’s investigators have ever seen was uncovered by an online investigation that led to the arrest Monday of a 61-year-old San Jose man, authorities said. Dennis Valle Cruz was arrested on suspicion of having a...
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    CA - Pickup Artists Preyed on Drunk Women, Brought Them Home, and Raped Them

    *Warning—the following article contains a graphic depiction of a rape. Alex Smith and Jonas Dick considered themselves part of the elite. The two men were instructors in the community of pickup artists—men who obsessively study and practice methods of meeting and sleeping with as many...
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    Let's talk about the "deer camp"

    While the "deer camp" is only briefly mentioned in the following 3 trial transcripts: Day 03 - p120 Day 04 - p77 Day18 - p35 I think it is an interesting detail, in that it appears to be fairly secluded... or rather, away from other dwellings, has 3 trailers, and is easily accessible to the...
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    Steven Avery Trial Exhibit Photos *No Discussion Thread*

    Link to Steven Avery Trial Exhibit Photos: Photo (Evidence Exhibits) Please feel free to add photos to this thread and use other threads to discuss those photos.
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    Ritual murders of children in Nigeria

    Monsters or victims? Inside the mind of a child murderer For years, clinical psychiatrists and social psychologists have laboured to understand why child murderers are driven to murder infants and toddlers. Their inquiry is predicated on the need to know if such individuals’ condition is...
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    Let's talk about SA's prior "bad acts"

    From this document, the state (prosecution) attempted to introduce 9 prior "bad acts" to support their case. They were as follows: Acts of physical violence and threats by SA against his ex-wife, LA Acts of physical violence by SA against his girlfriend, JS 1982 Act of criminal cruelty...
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    Let's talk about the cat ...

    As I've previously stated, it takes a certain kind of person to douse a cat in gas and oil, and toss it on a fire. And that sort of person is, for the most part, not a nice person. So, rather than focusing upon that, I want to focus upon what was revealed in the following report. Which, thanks...
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    Making A Murderer: Season II: Discuss!

    ‘Making a Murderer’ Filmmakers Eye Second Installment of Netflix Series During a Stranger Than Fiction panel discussion at New York’s IFC Center on Thursday, “Making a Murderer” directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos said that they have spoken to Steven...
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    NOW AVAILABLE: iPhone App: Murder Postscripts - "Making a Murderer Edition"

    Greetings all, there is so much documentation for this case, that I decided to create an app. It is still waiting for review, at the moment. Though, hopefully, it will be approved by tomorrow or early next week. I'll post a link, once it's deployed. In the meantime, here is a link to the app...
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    Inmate statements regarding Steven Avery's alleged plans: How important are they?

    The statements of the inmates, in the Kratz' motion to allow them as witnesses, while barring defenses motion to raise SA's wrongful conviction, was not put forth at trial. So, this is more of a speculation thread, than anything else. Importantly, this information was announced to the...
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    The Devil's in the Narratives: aka why Steven Avery & Brendan Dassey were convicted

    Well, of course, we have all heard the old idiom, "The Devil's in the Details." However, in the context of this, and most trial cases, the narrative plays a huge role with regard the jury, being the fact finders, final findings. While we can hash the guilty/not guilty, whodunnit, until the...