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  1. Concerned Papa

    Are The Sharks Circling For Sheriff Hardy?

    With a string of high-profile and closely scrutinized cases marking his first term in office, Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy was likely to draw competition for a second term. And more than a year from the 2012 election, four challengers have already declared they will run against the sheriff...
  2. Concerned Papa

    2010.04.30 All about alligators

    I want to point out a few things about this "Cousin Joe feeds alligators" bs being spread by Ronald Cummings. Remember this is Ronald Cummings telling this tale, not Cousin Joe: Ronald Cummings also told Art Harris: My point is the above can not logically be true. Joe Overstreet, according...
  3. Concerned Papa

    What areas have been searched?

    The "Scrub Note's" directions leading to a search on September 28th were: The August 29th search based on Misty's "look for a rose" was centered at the Murphy's Creek Conservation entrance gate on Buffalo Bluff. The image below locates the entrance to the Murphy's Creek gate as well...
  4. Concerned Papa

    Why Misty's recollections don't make sense

    She should have used this tactic during her LVA. She is extremely animated with her hand trying to emphasize the kitchen light "glaring" into her bedroom: How does a light GLARE through a wall?
  5. Concerned Papa

    Tatoos and other possible "messages"

    Does the body language of a truck count???