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    Has Misty told her parents the truth?

    I think Misty knows more then what she is saying, but I don't think she has told anyone yet.
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    Bern - in your dream of Misty needing to get to Orlando, could that be Ron's friend named Orlando? I don't know if that helps any, but I remember that he had a friend by that name.
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    MI - Nevaeh Buchanan, 5, Monroe, 24 May 2009 - scooter abandoned - #1

    This is so sad. I'm praying for her and her family.
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    Backward State - Reverse Speeech Analysis of Ron and Misty

    This is so interesting. Thanks for posting about it.
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    Specifically, why is Casey no longer acknowledging her parents in the courtroom?

    I think she is mad at them because they can't get her out of jail. She is punishing them by refusing their visits and ignoring them in court. She is so used to them getting her out of trouble, I doubt she can understand that they really can't help her now.
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    Family, friends mourn Tigard boy (This is MY son)

    I'm sending hugs and prayers to you. I just read about your precious little boy and it is so sad.
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    Ronald proposes to Misty

    I don't think he needs any donations if he can buy a diamond ring. I feel bad for the guys he worked with that gave up their vacations to help him. He should have been paying his bills with his money and any donations need to go towards finding Haleigh. Something isn't right.
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    2009.03.09 - Nancy Grace

    momtective -you did great!
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    Amateur Astrology, what's ahead for the USA

    This is soooo interesting!!! I have spent all evening reading and still haven't finished. Thank you all for doing this. I want to stay up and finish reading, but I got to go to sleep. I'll be back in the morning.
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    CA-Amber Leeanne Dubois (14 YO)- Escondido #1

    My heart is breaking over this. I hope they find her soon. Amber and her family are in my prayers.
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    FL FL - Adji Desir, 6, Immokalee, 10 Jan 2009 - #1

    He sure is a cute little guy. My prayers are with him and his family.
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    Would you be frightened being left in a remote trailer with two little kids at night?

    I would be scared. And I would for sure have the outside lights on and a light in the living room. I probably wouldn't be able to sleep until my hubby got home. That might be a reason for having the kids in bed with her.
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    Caylee Memorial 2-10-2009 #2

    I think it was a very nice service. They did the best they can under the circumstances. My prayers are with them.
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    Caylee Memorial

    HLN is having live coverage.
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    Does Anyone here think Casey Anthony is innocent?

    Her actions have convinced me that she is guilty. I can't see how a mother would not be crying and totally depressed.