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  1. englishleigh

    Lucy and Desi's secret granddaughter?

    You be the judge...the photos of her mother, supposedly Lucy's and Desi's child given up for adoption b/c of Lucy's career, look a LOT like Desi, IMO. I LOVE LUCY & DESI - BECAUSE THEY...
  2. englishleigh

    Houston family confirmed dead in airplane crash

    The wreckage of a missing private plane carrying a Houston family home from a vacation trip in Colorado was found on Sunday, officials said. "We just got there a few minutes ago. All four are deceased," said Major Mark Young, of the Civil Air Patrol. A hiker reported spotting the wreckage...
  3. englishleigh

    "Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky & Dad arrested for felonyassault

    Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky & Father Arrested in Airport Fight By Mike Fleeman and Steve Helling UPDATEPosted Friday August 01, 2008 08:20 PM EDT Originally posted Friday August 01, 2008 06:00 PM EDT Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky and her father were arrested on assault charges Friday following a...
  4. englishleigh

    Miley Cyrus Says She's 'Too Much' for Boys to Handle

    Miley Cyrus Says She's 'Too Much' for Boys to Handle Sorry, boys. Miley Cyrus says she's "too much to handle right now." "I can't be quiet and cute for boys," Cyrus says in the July issue of Top of the Pops magazine, according to various reports. "I have to be a bit crazy." The...
  5. englishleigh

    Light Plane Crash Kills 6 in Ohio

    This just really got to me so I had to post 86-yo WWII fighter pilot was giving airplane rides this morning after a Lions Club event...some people apparently took him up on his offer and the plane crashed, killing all aboard, including a 4 yo girl. :( Light Plane Crash Kills 6 in...
  6. englishleigh

    Identified! FL - Port Orange, Bones in Oceanfront Backyard, Apr'08 - Albert Dupuis

    PORT ORANGE, Fla. — Authorities say a group of children playing ball on a beach discovered an adult human skeleton in the back yard of home near Port Orange, Florida. The sheriff's office in Volusia County says yesterday's find is being investigated as a suspicious death. The person had been...
  7. englishleigh

    Jumbo jet almost crashes in Hamburg, Germany due to wind--video Check this out...if I'd been on that plane I think I'd been in need of clean underwear after this....the plane did eventually land safely later.
  8. englishleigh

    The priest in Praia de Luz

    Has this been discussed? :eek: MADDIE PRIEST HAS VANISHED THE “tormented” priest who detectives think Kate McCann may have confessed to was missing last night. Father Jose Pacheco, 46, has not been seen since it was revealed police plan...
  9. englishleigh

    Heads up--body language segment

    Hate to start a new thread for this but I didn't want anyone to miss it if they wanna see it. On Fox News, O'Reilly is about to have his body language expert analyze the McCanns.
  10. englishleigh

    Cuddle Cat (and Other Obvious Lies)

    OK, we all agree that Kate's assertion to the PJ that the reason Cuddle Cat had a cadaver scent on it, as well as her clothing, was that she is a doctor and she was around dead bodies right before coming to Portugal, and that she often took Cuddle Cat to work with her....was utter BS. What...
  11. englishleigh

    Passenger Jet Carrying at Least 150 Crashes Into Gas Station After Landing in Brazil

    SAO PAULO, Brazil — A plane with as many as 170 people aboard crashed and burst into flames in Sao Paulo on Tuesday after skidding off a runway that has been criticized as being too short in a driving rain, the nation's airport authority said. There were no immediate reports of deaths by...
  12. englishleigh

    Sir Elton Has a Hissy Fit

    Sir Elton rages as princes' security guard makes him walk to post-gig party 03.07.07 As a member of rock 'n' roll royalty, Sir Elton John does not take kindly to being outranked. Not even by Princes William and Harry. So when his chauffeur-driven people carrier was stopped because of...
  13. englishleigh

    GUILTY CO - Paige Birgfeld, 34, Grand Junction, 28 June 2007

    Missing Junction woman's vehicle found ablaze By Rocky Mountain News July 2, 2007 A missing Grand Junction woman's car was found engulfed in flames last night, a television station reported this morning. KJCT said police and fire departments responded to the blaze about 10 p.m. in northwest...
  14. englishleigh

    UNSOLVED NY - White Plains, WhtFem Skeletal, ~70, in woods near Bloomingdale's, Mar'07

    Fox News just reported that construction workers have found a skeleton in the woods in White Plains, NY. No other information is known right now and there's no article as of yet to link to.
  15. englishleigh

    Enterprise, AL--High School destroyed by tornado, kids trapped

    Watching FNC....Enterprise, AL, 3 hours south of hammered by a tornado and the high school "looks like a bomb went off". It was destroyed and high school kids are trapped.
  16. englishleigh

    Barbara Walters Says Her Dog Talked to Her ‘View’ host says Havanese dog Cha-Cha said ‘I love you’ NEW YORK - Has Barbara Walters lost it? Some of her co-hosts on “The View” may think so after her claim today about her Havanese dog Cha-Cha. Walters says when she told Cha-Cha...
  17. englishleigh

    A question about Det. Linda Arndt...

    I am reading Steve Thomas' book about the case for the first time, and I just got to the part where Linda Arndt went to see Patsy on a social, unauthorized visit and then would not tell the Boulder detectives what they talked about, and told Steve Thomas that if she was kicked off the case...
  18. englishleigh

    Breaking News Comments Thread 8/23

    Good morning, Guys. I thought I'd start today's news discussion thread.... From TexMex's article on today's breaking news thread: Still, Ray's parents said they discovered letters Karr wrote to their daughter that were signed "S.B.T.C." — the same initials found on a ransom note left in...
  19. englishleigh

    Time out to remember JonBenet

    With all the hubbub going on right now in the media and on this site regarding an arrest in this case, I wanted to take a moment to remember the real reason why we are here: a little girl named JonBenet Patricia Ramsey, and I know you all remember that, too. We are all mothers, fathers, people...
  20. englishleigh

    S.B.T.C. / Ransom Note Merged

    Fox reporting on a letter (and showing it) that Karr wrote to a friend in high school in which he wrote "I SHALL BE THE CONQUERER" and they are speculating on whether "SBTC" means "Shall Be The Conquerer"...also the handwriting looks similar to the ransom note. Hmmm.