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  1. TXBorn

    GUILTY OK - Teagan, 4, and Ryan Dennis, 3, die in hot truck, Tulsa, 13 June 2020 *dad arrested*

    Dad Pleads Guilty to Neglect After Children, 3 and 4, Climbed into Hot Truck and Died While He Slept “On Tuesday, Dustin Dennis pleaded guilty to two counts of child neglect in connection with the June 2020 deaths of his 4-year-old daughter Teagan and 3-year-old son Ryan” “As part of his plea...
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    NC - Andrew Brown Jr., 40, shot/killed by sheriff’s deputy, Elizabeth City, 21 Apr 2021 *MEDIA ONLY*

    Elizabeth City, North Carolina, District Attorney Andrew Womble said at a news conference on Tuesday morning that the three deputies who opened fire on Brown, a father of seven, were justified in their use of deadly force because Brown drove his vehicle toward them and allegedly made contact...
  3. TXBorn

    Deceased/Not Found FL - Leila Cavett, 21, of GA (son Kamdyn, 2, found alive on street), Miramar, 27 Jul 2020 #4 *arrest*

    Finally a murder charge Man Faces Second-Degree Murder Charge in Connection With Missing Mom Case A man arrested following the disappearance of a young mother in South Florida is now facing new charges, including second-degree murder. Shannon Ryan, 39, was arrested this past August...
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    Found Deceased TX - Erica Hernandez, 40, Houston, 17 Apr 2021

    Missing woman Erica Hernandez's SUV pulled from Pearland pond | Investigators said information from the FBI led them to the pond in Pearland. That's where they found evidence suggesting the vehicle struck curb and went into the water.
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    OH - Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, fatally shot multiple times by Columbus police officer, 20 April 2021

    IMO, I don’t think Ma'Khia is the one that called the cops as you can hear arguing in the background of the 911 call. I think it was someone else in the home. We know the news ran with what the aunt/real mom said initially but some of what they’ve said has already been proven untrue.
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    Found Deceased IL - Jake Cefolia, 49, jogging, car found, SVP of United Airlines, Chicago, 6 Aug 2020

    My Ring footage goes back to August 23rd as of today so looks like it’s 2 months...
  7. TXBorn

    Found Alive UT - Holly Suzanne Courtier, 38, Zion National Park, 6 Oct 2020

    I think this may be a repeat of other news stories A sheriff's sergeant is questioning the rescued Zion National Park hiker's story, saying there's no way she could have survived for 2 weeks off river water "If she had been drinking that water, unless she had some really high immune system...
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    Found Deceased MT - Sally Demarais-Smith, 52, found in vehicle in storage unit, Great Falls, 25 Sept 2020

    We have a 12’X 32’ unit that we store two Polaris RZR’s in. One a two seater, the other a four seater. Sometimes it’s empty for a month at a time if they are in the shop getting things fixed after a weekend of riding in the mud. There have been times when the four seater was in the shop and I...
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    TX TX- Darren Coker, 30, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, 14 Sept 2020

    Lubbock Police Department commenting and posting on their page
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    Found Deceased AR - Sydney Sutherland, 25, Jackson Co., went for a jog, 19 Aug 2020 *ARREST*

    All the articles I’m seeing are saying a suspect is in custody and is a 25 yro male. The links for Quake shows 28. Maybe the sheriff misspoke and accidentally quoted Sydney’s age?
  11. TXBorn

    KY KY - Crystal Rogers, 35, Bluegrass Parkway, 3 July 2015 #3

    The Texas Game Wardens being there is definitely odd. We have a show about them called “Lone Star Law” and I’ve seen them bust people for illegally hunting after someone posted something on Facebook. Could be something where someone was in TX and bragged about killing a deer, etc in the off...
  12. TXBorn

    Found Safe IN - Hannah Potts, 23, Princeton, missing after FB live video saying kidnapped - 24 July 2020

    Gibson Co. Prosecutor: Charges filed in kidnapping hoax SBM Gibson County Prosecutor Michael Cochren says he’s filed False Informing charges against Hannah Potts and two others for planning and executing an abduction hoax on July 26. He says Potts, with the assistance of Joshua M. Thomas and...
  13. TXBorn

    Found Deceased CO- Tayler Esslinger, 26, Gypsum, Eagle County, 25 June 2019 *Sheriffs Deputy*

    Truck has been found and searchers pulled back. Not sounding good :( Searchers find Vail Valley man’s missing truck, crews are being recalled
  14. TXBorn

    NV NV - Troy Sirat, 19, Las Vegas, 6 July 2016

    Just seen a post on FB that was posted in the SPOT Troy Sirat group by his mother that his remains have been found. Not seeing anything in MSM yet SPOT Troy Sirat Public Group | Facebook
  15. TXBorn

    Found Safe MI - Kaitlyn Leonard, 15, Sterling, 21 May 2018

    Hopefully this link is ok, it states she’s been found Teen Kaitlyn Leonard missing from Michigan FOUND · Missing Persons of America January 7, 2019 – Kaitlyn Leonard has been located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas and is with authorities. She went to a local business and asked for help and called her...
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    Found Deceased TX - Russell James Ensey, 24, Snook, Burleson County, 26 Dec 2018

    Located deceased :( Missing man last seen in Snook has been located deceased BURLESON COUNTY, Texas-- Russel James Ensey, 24, last seen in Snook has been located deceased. The Burleson County Sheriff's Office found him in an area off FM 60E and FM 3058.
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    IL - False report, 13 mos child / vehicle stolen from Circle K, Farmington, Fulton Co. 15 Dec 2018

    Picture shown is definitely closer to 13 months than 21 months IMO
  18. TXBorn

    IL - False report, 13 mos child / vehicle stolen from Circle K, Farmington, Fulton Co. 15 Dec 2018

    If baby was born March 3, 2017 then he’d be 21 months, not 13. Wonder who messed that info up...