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  1. justthinkin

    Question for websleuthers who've solved cases

    I would like to know which law enforcement agencies or civilian agencies are most likely to give credit to Websleuthers for helping solve a crime, state police, local police, FBI, NCIC, Doe, Charley Project, NAMUS or other? We know we're a valuable resource, some of you more valuable than...
  2. justthinkin

    Giving the American Way This Holiday Season

    As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Americans with monstrous piles of cheaply produced goods -- merchandise that has been produced at the expense of American labor. This year will be different. This year Americans will give the gift of...
  3. justthinkin

    WM3 Alford Plea Live Video
  4. justthinkin

    Problem with accessing in a thread

    Okay so I'm working my way through the Sidebar thread on the ICA case, get to the end of pg. 17, and I'm informed I do not have permission to access pg. 18. Thanks, jt Whoops, I see I put this in the wrong location. Sorry!
  5. justthinkin

    Every page I try to load on Websleuths is getting hung up by this advertising. It took me about 15 minutes just to get to this page so I could enter this post.
  6. justthinkin

    Yipes, suddenly can't load photographs

    What happened to the box for adding a file attachment or photograph to a new post? All I get now is a list of 3 options, and file attachment's not one of them.
  7. justthinkin

    Conditional Pardons for the WM3????

    For all the supporters who think the WM3 are going to be declared innocent, take a look at these cases, all connected, out of Virginia. Some interesting parallels. Would you...
  8. justthinkin

    TX TX - San Angelo, WhtMale 70-90, 966UMTX, Lived Under Multiple ID's, Mar'05

    Unidentified White Male, with most likely a serious criminal history. The victim was discovered on March 31, 2005 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas Date of Death: March 31, 2005 Estimated age: 70 - 90 years old Approximate Height and Weight: 5' 5" - 5' 7"; 125 - 140 lbs...
  9. justthinkin

    TX - 17 Afghan soldiers AWOL from Lackland AFB, June 2010 Excerpted: "A nationwide alert has been issued for 17 members of the Afghan military who have gone AWOL from a Texas Air Force base.,,, ,,,The Afghan officers and enlisted men have security badges that give...
  10. justthinkin

    Caylee not in woods until after Casey was locked up proves she's innocent.

    Video: Casey Article: To all you sleuthers with far more energy to keep up with this case than I ever will, what are your thoughts about this? Do you think the jury will buy it...
  11. justthinkin

    AZ AZ - Donald Shelenberger, 35, Pima County, 3 July 1994

    I'm going to go out on a limb here. I believe I know who Benjaman Kyle truly is. And the odd thing is that this missing person's name and face have already appeared here within these threads. Ben may have Powell relations several generations back, but I believe Benjaman is Donald Kenneth...
  12. justthinkin

    SC SC - Maxwell Graham, 26, Pinewood, 8 Aug 1978 or 1976

    Title of thread should read missing 1976 or 1978. This is a very tragic story for Maxwell Allen Graham's sisters. They lost both their parents in individual accidents weeks apart, and then several years later their brother disappeared. Maxwell Allen Graham...
  13. justthinkin

    Mexico Races to Stop Deadly Flu Virus This could turn out to be the pandemic we all fear, and there have been 8 cases in the US, some in Texas, and the others in California.