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  1. kwash

    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 17

    I imagine it wasn’t just a person fainted call. It was more likely along the lines of a hysterical, screaming, sobbing person initiated the call about the downed person(s) they saw and then the friend took over and told them the caller had fainted. So the possible unresponsive person would be...
  2. kwash

    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 16

    Yes. I am referencing the long description of the circumstances of the 911 call that is in the Twitter feed. It makes sense as to why the only report was an unresponsive person if it happened that way. I believe the person with the Twitter account was being asked to verify the explanation...
  3. kwash

    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 16

    Someone may have already posted this explanation, but I think a lot of the confusion around ground/first/second/third floors is due to the fact that the US calls the floor that is on ground level the 1st floor, and the one above it the second floor, while in Europe the floor at ground level is...
  4. kwash

    ID - 4 University of Idaho Students Murdered - Moscow # 16

    The description of the 911 call in that Twitter account (unresponsive female was one of the surviving roommates who fainted, and the passerby/friend had not seen any of the victims) makes a lot of sense.
  5. kwash

    OH - Pike Co - 8 in Rhoden Family Murdered Over Custody Issue - 4 Members Wagner Family Arrested #82

    11 is a craps bet (dice game), also called a Yo bet. It is usually only bet when the player is feeling lucky.
  6. kwash

    Found Safe TX - Michelle Reynolds - 6th Grade Reading and Language Arts Teacher - Missing Since 22 Sept 2022

    Trees in tree pits on the sidewalk. There are bags around the trunks of the saplings/small trees, for protection/watering. There appear to be lines from the tree to the ground supporting the trunks too.
  7. kwash

    MI - 4 students killed, 6 injured, shooting at Oxford High School, 30 Nov 2021 *Arrest incl parents*

    Does anyone know how they make a decision to charge a juvenile as an adult so quickly? What is the point of having different standards for juveniles and adults in the criminal justice system if the severity of the crime alone (as it seems here) is the only determining factor? I am not...
  8. kwash

    SC - Paul Murdaugh, 22 and mom Margaret, 52, found shot to death, Islandton, 7 June 2021 #8

    I don't see any head wound either, nor do I see blood or bbq sauce - I think it is just a poorly lit photo. All the comments about how shady/evil he looks reminds me how biased we can become in these cases. IMO if he was the victim we wouldn't see those things.
  9. kwash

    SC - Paul Murdaugh, 22 and mom Margaret, 52, found shot to death, Islandton, 7 June 2021 #7

    Life insurance does pay out for suicide. Suicide exclusions (period of time for which the policy wouldn't pay out) are two years or less. This is meant to prevent people who are contemplating suicide from taking out insurance in advance. Most people would not plan their suicide two years out.
  10. kwash

    SC - Mallory Beach, 19, found deceased after boat crash, Beaufort Co, 24 Feb 2019 *MAN CHARGED*

    I have just started following this case and it is tragic and so interesting. Beautiful people, wealth, privilege and bad behavior all rolled into one sordid, sad tale. I have seen the depositions of Anthony Cook and Miley Altman. Could anyone provide links to those of Morgan Doughty and...
  11. kwash

    Found Deceased MD - Tara Payne, 26, Baltimore, 23 March 2021

    Reports of commotion in the area together with her possibly seen on ring camera around the same time suggest that she was either fleeing or having some sort of personal trouble. The water is maybe three football field lengths from the apartments on Boston Street and as someone else mentioned it...
  12. kwash

    Found Deceased MD - Tara Payne, 26, Baltimore, 23 March 2021

    I am hearing from people at the dock that her family is on site.
  13. kwash

    Found Deceased MD - Tara Payne, 26, Baltimore, 23 March 2021

    As mentioned above, the police marine unit is searching this west side of the docks at Oasis Lighthouse Point (the marina very close to where Savannah was last seen).
  14. kwash

    Found Deceased MD - Tara Payne, 26, Baltimore, 23 March 2021

    Social media report by a friend says she was last seen at 3:30 am "behind" Shipyard Apartments "off Boston Street". Not sure what is considered the front of the apartments, but there is no entrance to them off Boston St, so it could mean she was last seen on Boston Street, or if the writer...
  15. kwash

    Found Safe CO - Kelsey Lee Taylor, 35, Boulder, 9 Dec 2020

    I just heard about this missing woman from a friend whose husband worked with Kelsey. I don't have much to add at this time other than to say that at one time Kelsey had a good job and her health issues were not apparent to those who worked with her. I will see if I can find out more about the...
  16. kwash

    Madeleine McCann: German prisoner identified as suspect - #10

    I was just getting ready to post the same ting. I am pretty sure it is a chair and the "tongs' are the frame on one side. The bit of black on the left side matches the right and is the other side of the frame. Google "yellow butterfly chair".
  17. kwash

    Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #27

    I have a travel related question - hope that is allowed here. I have been monitoring airline updates and travel forums but I am wondering if anyone here has an answer to my question... I booked and paid for flights for myself and two extended family members and we are not taking the trip. I...
  18. kwash

    Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #24

    This is MOO and not in response to any particular post. My H and I went out for a walk during the day yesterday and visited a few local bars that were holding St. Patrick's day events. We chose the emptiest bars, did not sit next to anyone, drank draft beer from plastic cups, which were not...
  19. kwash

    Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Global Health Pandemic #23

    Hello! I have been reading these threads with great interest and haven't posted until now. For context I am a Canadian living in the northeast US, my H and I travel frequently for both work and pleasure and we fly or drive to Canada to visit family several times a year. As it happens we...
  20. kwash

    Found Deceased CO - Shanann Watts (34), Celeste"Cece" (3) and Bella (4), Frederick, 13 Aug 2018 *Arrest* #6

    While I do not believe his story, I don't understand the rush to demonize the "bad" person and put the "good" person on a pedestal. It is a sad fact the mothers who appear to be loving kill their children - and having been told your husband is leaving you could be a trigger for such a monstrous...