Police are investigating a fatal fall from an eight-story parking garage on the University of Texas campus.


The video goes on to say this death is expected to be ruled suicide, the second UT student to have jumped from a campus parking garage in the last six months.

Frightening statistics:

A study (http://www.texassuicideprevention.org/news_events.asp) of students from 70 universities across the country found 18 percent of college students had seriously considered suicide. Eight percent of undergraduates and five percent of graduates have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

"Only half of the students who are really thinking about suicide are telling somebody about it and only half the students that are thinking about suicide seek any professional help. Relationships, academics and financial stress are the three main reasons for student suicide and often, other students can effectively intervene simply by talking to or directing those contemplating suicide to the university's counseling line."