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    Jarred Harrell Jailhouse Calls with Mom Annis Dailey



    Dailey: Honey, I don’t believe anything, trust me. And the thing is, is that I’m your alibi, so I have to be real careful, you know, what I say to anybody. We’re making no comments to any of the news. The little girl’s mother is making no comments. And so they’re trying to pull from everything else that they can. And it’s making them look like idiots. So the longer you’re there, trust me, the better it is. It’s tough, I know. But just hang in there. OK?

    In case the link doesn't work one of these days...
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    I don't have the link handy (it was in the threads will find it tho) but the day that murder charges were added his mother left town and pasted a note to her door saying "no comment"

    eta: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/l...153879&catid=3
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