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    2010.04.11 - Padilla and Miller FaceOff


    "They will also be discussing the Haleigh Cummings case." <snipped>

    This might be quite interesting!

    This thread will be opened on Sunday for discussion.

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    ACK! Did we all forget about this? 15 minutes remaining. Thank goodness it is taped!


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    They are talking about Caylee's letters now. I'll post if they talk about Haleigh's case.

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    i think miller adn padillia we asked by saor thats what was said at the beginning of the show in chat

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    axed by state attorney or lol sorry bad typing

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    Steph is now saying he didn't have LP and TM on the show because he didn't want to have a circus, among other things. He says he was wrong to promote a face to face.

    He said the KC letters were much more informative.

    BTW, they said it is RHornsby's birthday.

    Okay, closing the thread. Doesn't sound like Haleigh's case was discussed at all.

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    P. S. They discussed Nadia's case too, for those who want to listen to the rewind when it posts.

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