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    CA - Lysandra Turpin, 24, Fieldbrook, 8 April 1988

    Family secrets; killer's son brings decades-old Humboldt County murder to light
    John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
    Posted: 04/08/2010 01:30:20 AM PDT

    Nearly 22 years ago, the body of 27-year-old Lysandra Marie Turpin was dumped in a Fieldbrook ditch and burned in a pile of tires and gasoline.

    In February, Humboldt County Sheriff's deputies found Turpin's remains, just 14 teeth, some bone fragments and a few articles of burnt clothing. On Wednesday, those teeth were positively identified by a forensic odontologist in Cloverdale as Turpin's, bringing an end to a long-cold missing person's report.

    Detective Steve Quenell said that Turpin's life came to an end after weeks of physical abuse, and before the eyes of her murderer's son. And Turpin was apparently not the only victim of such abuse, Quenell said the son told him recently. ....

    more at http://www.times-standard.com/news/ci_14842961

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    There should be a thread for this guy!!! He more than likely committed many more atrocities of torture, rape and murder.

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    CA - Lysandra Turpin, 27, abducted & murdered, Fieldbrook, 8 April 1988

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    I wonder how many he killed that his son didn't know about?
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    I 2nd what DJ posted...

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    Quote Originally Posted by fhc View Post
    There should be a thread for this guy!!! He more than likely committed many more atrocities of torture, rape and murder.
    The woman they mention in the article who did come in and tell her story after all these years hadn't reported it until now... I'm sure you are right that many more victims are/were out there.

    I wonder about unsolveds/ UID's in that area??? I wonder if this guy lived elsewhere before 1988-ish??
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    geez his son seems to know an awful lot

    Its great he finally told people but why did it take so long???? Guilt eating away at him???

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    It kills me that none of these women reported that sadistic @#*&%! Much of this could have been prevented. I realize this was back when victims didn't speak up because of shame and fear that they won't be believed...but man, this guy needed to be put away! And he never had to face any consequences for these acts OR those that the son doesn't know about. Sad.

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    There are two threads on this...I wonder if a mod can combine them?

    In one article on CNN someone claiming to be the boy's uncle says that the boy lost his mother at age five "at the hands of this monster." What did he do to her??

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    Quote Originally Posted by reen View Post
    In one article on CNN someone claiming to be the boy's uncle says that the boy lost his mother at age five "at the hands of this monster." What did he do to her??
    I read the father's obituary and it said his wife was lost at sea in 1977. When you look at the son's claims about his father's history of torturing women and combine that with the fact that his father was a commercial fisherman for 35 years, it makes the mother's "lost at sea" death look very suspicious.
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    Glad that the killer's son decided to tell them what happened to Lysandra after years of missing & wait until his Dad's time is up. It's closure for the victim's family.


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    I just want to point out that Sandy's legal name at birth was Lasandra M Turpin and she was born Dec 20 1963. https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/VLJB-HJ2 The newspapers I have read about her, all falsely reported her name and her age. Simple math from Dec 1963 to Apr/Jun 1988 is 24 years old. The son they mention as bringing the truth out, was 16 at the time of her abduction but when he says dear old dad actually killed her in Jun 1988, he was 17. He was only 3 weeks shy of his 17th bday when Ms Turpin was initially reported as missing on April 8 1988. She was reported missing by family after about a week of no contact. So when exactly was she abducted by Ernie? This puts the date closer to March 30, 31 and April 1st. I find this interesting because this was 11 years almost to the exact date Ernies Wife Claire went missing off his capsized boat on march 30 1977. Mrs Claire Louise Christie nee Williams was 24 years old at the time of her disappearance. Is this a pattern or coincidence?

    Questions now that should be asked, was his wife's disappearance an accident or an act of murder? Was she even on the boat that day? Did she suffer the same fate as Lasandra and is buried somewhere in the woods near their home? When the boat Capsized on march 30 1977, The coast guard pulled Ernie from the waters but there was no sign of Claire. Divers searched 90% of the boat as it sank and there was no sign of her, the only place they were not able to check was the Engine room. However authorities didnt believe she could be in there. HOW ABOUT NOW? Do they believe that he may have locked her in the engine room? My question is When authorities learned of Ernie Christie Jr and Lasandra Turpin, Why he wasnt investigated or looked at for anything else other than the 3 stories they were told by the son. Chances are Ernie killed his wife in 1977 and is responsible for a lot more that will never be investigated now that hes dead. Because being dead gives you an out to every crime you ever committed. Authorities don't need to bring closure to any other cases he may have been involved with cause he's DEAD. I CALL BS, I still think he should be looked at for other disappearances of women in the area, over the 30 years he was living there. Starting with his wife Claire. I would also include unsolved rapes, unsolved attacks and unsolved murders of women during this time.

    Also another interesting thing I found was, it is said he killed Sandy in June 1988. Well June 7th 1988 another young 24 year old girl went missing off the streets of Eureka. Penelope Jo Milbourn. Could he have also picked her up hitch hiking offered her drugs and beat her to death as well? Wouldn't hurt to start a search in the forest area where they found Sandy, and the hollowed out tree he kept patty in And maybe the areas he was known to be doing his LOGGING business. Maybe there are more and the son was not aware of them. Other missing women in the area during Ernie's span are *Hannah Rowell Sept 1 1993. *Jennifer Wilmer Sept 13 1993, Robin Herring 1995, Karen Mitchell Nov 25 1997, The case of *Charlene A. Rosser who went missing in APRIL 1998, 10 years after Sandy. Charlene was also found in the woods. This time near Lake Tahoe in 2003, they didn't identify Charlene till 2012. I do not know the nature of which she died? homicide or accident. The last missing girl during Ernie's life would have been Katie Wantz, Oct 2001, Katie supposedly witnessed a shooting of 30 year old male and may have been wanted for questioning when she went missing. I *ed the ones I think are good possibles for Ernie's involvement. Two others would be Kristi Krebs August 9 1993 from Fort Bragg and Rosemma Mendenhall missing since Aug 1 1993, she was older and homeless.

    Anyway, I do agree with FHC, there really should be a stand alone thread for Ernie Christie Jr. Maybe more light could be shed onto him 8 years after his death.
    Below I posted the two small stories I found on his wife in old newspapers. Not even a picture of her was in the paper. Chances of her swimming out
    and having amnesia may be slim to nil but in this world sometimes stranger things have happened. A picture may have helped if she was picked up along another beach.
    Does not seem like authorities did much even back then.

    https://www.websleuths.com/forums/att...4&d=1401556047 March 31 1977 Eureka Standard Times
    https://www.websleuths.com/forums/att...3&d=1401556047 Apr 1 1977 Eureka Standard Times

    Even this paper stats the wrong age for Claire. Says she was 25 and in reality her 25th birthday was not till July. She was 24 years old when she went missing.

    I also did one of those Instant Checkmates on Ernie's Arrest record. And there is not one of his arrests listed. But I do know that he has been arrested, since there are newspaper articles from as early as 1963 of him committing crimes. Seems like he got out of a lot of trouble a lot. But Rumor has it he did spend time in county jail between 1979-1983. So why no records?
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    I did not make a thread for Ernest Christie. But I did make one for Claire L. Christie, Ernie's missing wife. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ng-Mar-30-1977

    There is a timeline here for Ernie from what I could find from AVAILABLE newspapers online.

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    An Ernest Christie thread could give us one place to discuss all the women who disappeared in Humboldt. Mystic Jynx your list of the missing is a great starting place for us.
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    There's also the illegal & HIGHLY dangerous pot growing industry there.
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