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    OR - Paul Pavlock for child pornography, Portland, 2010


    Marylhurst University instructor charged with child pornography

    "An established Portland architect and Marylhurst University instructor has been charged with 23 counts of encouraging child sex abuse, and his investigation has caused a ripple effect around the world.

    Paul Pavlock's alleged illegal activities eventually led to 36 more arrests in 20 other states, as well as the identification of 41 additional suspects overseas.

    Oregon Attorney General John Kroger said, "This is a major child pornography case that led to investigations across the United States and Europe."

    more at link

    It's becoming more and more clear to me that much is left unreported in child porn arrests as the investigation is always ongoing. I think this case and current ones in Canada and Missouri show that one arrest leads to another to another.

    I feel very strongly, however, that some sort of common ground needs to be found concerning the public's right to know. We all need straightforward information (not just snippets of rumors) about arrests in our own neighborhoods so that we can keep our children safe.

    If we are having to dig deep to uncover the names of the arrestees and to follow the trials or plea bargains, we can be assured that the general public is NOT getting this information.

    This is why I'm trying so hard to start a thread on every major child porn bust. Maybe WS can become a repository of up-to-date info about these monsters. The only other way you are going to get this info is to weed through the daily PRs from every FBI office. As a parent, that just doesn't work for me.

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    Missizzy - that's a great idea. One of the things I'm noticing about these child porn cases it that it appears some of them may really tie together - but it is extremely difficult to figure that out.

    There have been several cases that seem to go back to MO in some way or another. I admit I don't have the patience to try to link them together, but I keep seeing what could possibly be connections between one story and another.


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    Pavlock's CV:


    Paul Pavlock

    B.Arch., Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University


    Licensed Architect in the State of Oregon

    Professional Activities

    Pavlock Architecture P.C., Portland (2000 to present)
    Founded and currently manages a residential and retail architecture practice.

    Architect of record of more than 100 single-family residential projects with a variety of designs in diverse locations.

    Project Architect of various large box retail projects, offices and restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest.


    Introduction to Computer Drawings CAD
    Digital 3-D Modeling (FormZ)
    Interior Design Studio 6/9
    Architectural Drawing
    Construction Documents
    Thesis Advisor

    Professional Associations

    American Institute Of Architects (AIA)

    Marylhurst is a small, well-respected college in the very upscale town of Lake Oswego, just south of Portland. It is in Clackamas County where we've also had an uptick of child porn arrests lately.

    Note: I'm not sure if it is connected but Michael Marceau and Lisa Ford were also charged recently (and have a WS thread) for producing child porn with two of their children--a severely disabled teen boy and a 6 year old girl. They were also charged in Washington County, where Mr. Pavlock lives. This is a section of the west Portland, OR suburbs.

    A good resource for info on major Oregon arrests:


    Another report on Pavlock's charges:


    "....Pavlock has not been arrested because authorities do not believe he is a flight risk, said Tony Green, spokesman for the attorney general's office...."

    I'm not so sure I agree with this statement.

    Another article with close up photo with many comments following article:


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    Salem--You have no idea how much time I sit here attempting to link these cases. And yes, I am seeing a frequent link back to Missouri. Why Missouri?

    I understand that the FBI and local LE want to keep everything quiet while investigations are ongoing. But aren't they always going to be "ongoing"?

    What about child safety today??

    Is it just me or does the general public and especially parents not want to keep an eye on these cases? We see a quick report of an arrest and we're appalled. Then, everything falls from view for months. If you are paying very close attention, you might see a plea bargain and sentence a year or so later.

    Very very few of these cases seem to be going to trial as there is a "paper and video" trail of evidence. By the time the pedophile is finally locked up and his house quietly sold, we've all moved on to a hundred other more current cases. This makes me uneasy.

    We hear that there are multiple/100s/1000s of victims. Well, where are they? Are they receiving services? Are the victims' schoolmates and neighbors aware of the monster that was in their midst? Anybody have any thoughts on this? I'm not seeing any scholarly articles or policy statements coming out on this approach. Surely, there have to be child safety watchdog groups analyzing this.

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    Portland architect arraigned on 23 charges of encouraging child sex abuse; bail set at $500,000

    "Paul Ernest Pavlock, a Portland architect who police believe is connected to an international pornography case, pleaded not guilty today to 23 counts of encouraging child sex abuse.

    His bail was set at $500,000......"


    "After receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, investigators with the Oregon Department of Justice went to Pavlock's single-story house in Garden Home in October and seized thumb drives, a computer and two cameras from his home office. Court documents say Pavlock, using the account name "hillaryh," uploaded two images of an unclothed underage boy and underage girl in suggestive poses.

    Investigators believe Pavlock was a member of an online social network where 632 members shared 963 photos and 39 video files. Most of the photos and all of the videos are believed to be child pornography, investigators said in an affidavit. They believe the social network was a community of child pornography collectors and traders.

    Authorities say their investigation also has led to 36 more child pornography suspects in 20 states and 41 suspects overseas......"

    more at link

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    IMO, nine years (maximum!) sounds like a drop in the bucket for someone with the level of intelligence and the connections such as Pavlock. Since his arrest 5 months ago, the other arrests linked to him have almost tripled. I'm pleased that he was either able to flip on some other perps or that investigators were able to follow his trail through cyberspace. However, this man will be in his early 50s when he is released. Plenty of time to rebuild his empire, IMO. Now, he's got some down time to consider how to be even more clandestine in his actions.


    Guilty plea in child pornography case

    "An Oregon architect has pleaded guilty to downloading pornographic videos of children in a case that led to investigations across the United States and in foreign countries.

    Oregon Attorney General John Kroger says 44-year-old Paul Pavlock of Portland faces a maximum penalty of nearly nine years when he is sentenced Nov. 19..."


    "....the case has identified more than 85 suspects in 20 states and 19 foreign countries. He adds that two children identified through separate investigations have been rescued from situations of abuse or sexual exploitation...."

    more at link

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    Seems that Pavlock's attorney argued for him to be allowed to be sent to an out-patient treatment center pending sentencing as he is an active member of his church. The judge denied that request and sent him to jail. YES!! A far more detailed article about Pavlock's plea:


    "...they pointed out that Pavlock alone possessed nearly 10,000 images and videos, which depicted at least 135 children. Campbell [Sr. Assistant AG] told Washington County Circuit Judge Thomas Kohl Tuesday that Pavlock had communicated by email with porn distributors in 19 nations...."


    "...U.S. authorities have rescued two children outside Oregon -- victims of sexual exploitation or abuse -- and arrested a California nursing home director and a Texas prison guard. They also have filed charges against suspects in Mississippi and Minnesota.

    The probe is expected to grow bigger still.

    "It's like dropping a pebble into a pool," Kroger said. "You'll see ring after ring of arrests, and that will uncover new leads...."

    more at link

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    Missizzy - I'm wondering when you start threads on these guys if you should put their name in the thread title? I don't know if it makes any difference, just a thought.

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    "out patient treatment' give us a break...........
    I willing to bet in every state and every large city this ties into each case.
    As we are seeing !
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    I've considered that Belinda and will try it for a while. I've kind of played on the old trick of "who's behind the door?" for other WSers to open the thread and read. What Missouri teacher, what Oregon architect? If you search on google, though, our posts will come up. That's what I'm trying to do.

    I'll try your suggestion, though, and see what happens. Thanks.

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    I'm afraid to ask what Pavlock's sentence would have been had the victim NOT read her statement. Seven and a half years. That's it? This thing was global. Did he get a sweet deal because he rolled on some of the 85 other suspects?

    A man gets 7 1/2 years for 10,000 images and videos. What do the 135 children get?

    A tangled up life.


    Ore. architect gets 7 years in child porn case

    "....Judge Thomas Kohl said Tuesday that the sentence he imposed was heavily influenced by a victim's statement read in court by a lawyer. The now-19-year-old woman wrote that she lives every day knowing that someone is being entertained by her pain....."

    more at link

    That poor young woman. Having to deliver that statement and walk out of the courtroom knowing that before she hardly has time to put her life back on track, he'll be out. Bless her.

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