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    Cox's Have New Visit With Grandchildren


    Mods please move this if it belongs somewhere else.
    Last weekend Susan's parents were allowed to visit with their grandchildren at a park. According to the article both Josh and his father were there also and his father kept busy by taking numerous pictures of the visit.

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    Just because you want to be with somebody does not mean they will take care of your children.

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    I'm glad they finally got to spend time with the boys. I am sure that was a bittersweet time for all of them. How hard it must be for them to deal with all of this.

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    It must be like visiting a loved one in jail, knowing people are watching, listening, making critical judgments and acting not at all like real friends. And these are such young children. It's so clueless on the Powells' part. I think they can find lots of professionals who agree this doesn't appear to bear good intentions. Such obviously controlling behavior.

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    They are actually worse than that. They are lucky they are not dealing with me; I'd give them a run for their money.I imagine they will always be with the children any time Susan's parents are with them; The Cox family may feel that is better than not seeing them at all.

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    I removed your A-Z list, please keep that in our game room. Thank you.


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    I wonder how often Susan's parents will be allowed to see the boys. What does Josh and his dad think will happen if they let them have the boys for the day? Interesting that Josh's dad had to be there too. Probably taking pics so that he can listen to anything Susan's parents say to the boys.

    I wonder what Josh did with Susan? It just seems that the places he could have left her would have been so limited because of the snow and freezing weather. I can't believe she hasn't been found yet. The places he could have driven would have been limited too because of the snow. I wonder if he had snow tires or chains? I think he hid her body somewhere and then went back and got it when he rented the car and didn't have the boys with him. Seems like he drove 600 miles. I wonder if he drove 300 miles and ditched her body.