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    Explosion at FedEx in Miramar, CA

    Just saw this on the news (Channel 10, San Diego). They've evacuated the building. Said a package exploded. But I can't find any other information about it.

    ETA: Here's from their web site --
    A FedEx Ground location in a Miramar strip mall has been evacuated after a package exploded, according to San Diego Police.The location in the 9900 block of Olson Drive near Miramar Road was evacuated after the package exploded at 6:09 Wednesday morning.Police and fire crews are on the scene.
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    Looks like it's not much of an incident:
    Detective Gary Hassen says an employee at the Sorrento Valley building was opening the package when it blew up shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday.
    The worker wasn't hurt but the building has been evacuated and the police bomb squad has been called in.
    Hassen says it's unclear what caused the explosion, which produced smoke but no fire.

    I do wonder why the employee was opening the package.

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    Below are the 'key' sentences in the linked article.

    Accident? Batteries and wires?




    accident after authorities determined the blast was sparked by batteries being shipped,

    two lithium batteries in a box made contact and exploded shortly after

    an employee who placed it on a chute

    What appeared to be batteries and wires were visible in the remains of the box,

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