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    It's nice to know that in this day and age some companies still have a sense of humor

    It might be hard to get through right now it seems a surge of activity is going on. I got through on my second try. My brother is still trying periodically to get through.


    The Nestle's Crunch Hotline Number

    The Nestles Crunch Hotline number is 1-800-295-0051 and will connect the caller to about the funniest set of recordings ever. After listening to the ad for a new Nestle Crunch bar, you get some language options. After the usual English and Spanish language options, the quirky nerds in all of us get yet a third option, the "Pig Latin" option.

    SInce the Pig Latin option is in rapidly spoken Pig Latin (at least, faster than I can speak it) , it took me at least a couple of phone calls to the Nestle Crunch Hotline number to understand that this option is accessed by pressed the asterisk sign. Good luck understand what's being said, though! I caught the words "combination" and "chocolate" and would guess that this goofy message is talking about a new Nestle Crunch product.

    And the hotline gets even better from there. As you make your way through the menu, one of the options is for "knock knock" jokes and other fun games. Those games are categorized under the "funner game options" which are equally as funny and include such weird things as listening to the sound of bubble wrap or people doing a cannon ball in a pool.

    Call the Nestle Chocolate Hot-line at 1-800-295-0051. When asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, wait quietly for about 10 sec. and you will smile. Keep listening and press 4.Then press 7

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    Hi, Steeley, I got through but I guess it was SO popular they have moved it to Facebook!
    Praying for Jason.
    Find Beaner!
    Where is Kayla Berg?
    Justice for Stephanie Low, 9-22-14 RIP Stephanie

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