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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladine View Post

    I'm tired...lol.

    Everyone can take it, or leave it, for what they wish but it doesn't make me feel all fuzzy inside.
    I get that and hold much respect for it. Get some ~sleep~! Until tomorrow....
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    This is definitely an interesting theory to consider.
    I was wondering if they found anything suspicious in the autopsy would they have allowed her to be cremated? I watch way too many true crime shows and seen instances where they exhume the body and find out after the fact that the person was murdered. It would be horrible if they found some questionable evidence in the next few weeks and couldn't prove it due to the cremation (so sorry, that sounds terrible, I know)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixfla View Post
    Kris brought up some a good points in the other thread.

    1. The length of the scarf. Would it be difficult to have enough length to tie both ends.
    2. She had just gotten that scarf from her sister for christmas, from what I understand. It would seem that she would choose another item to use.
    3. Location - if you look in the photo thread, you can see that the rear staircase is outside and in a very open location. One would not think that she would choose that location if she did not want to be discovered by her younger sister, or other siblings. The open location also works against the murder theory, as it would have been more apt for someone witnessing a murder.
    4. She had plugged her phone in to charge.

    I think it is unlikely that it was a murder, but I would not exclude the possibility. Dont want to sound morbid, but it would be nice if someone examined the way the scarf was tied as it would probably be tied different if it was a suicude as opposed to a murder. Just some things to think about.
    Can someone link me to the photo thread?

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