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    Italy - Prato, WhtFem, hanged, maps of Vancouver & Copenhagen, Nov'07

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    Be careful when following links there -- some of them lead to pretty awful morgue pictures (not of this woman, but others).

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    Italian article

    Perhaps the woman is a checkers of the Queen hanged person to an olive tree

    It remains opened the yellow of the dead woman of which one took care also “Who has seen” .PRATO to it. It is a history. An ugly history from the anything but pleased end, of which only the last ones are known beaten. And that, only reading it from the bottom, it will be able to have a body and a beginning. Not there is “lived happy and content” of the fairy tales of the children. There is a body of woman hung to an olive tree along a road that scrambles up on the first hills that surpass Prato. There is, now, remains closed in a cell refrigerator of the hospital Mercy and Cake that 68 days give waits for that someone gives a name to them. And that it reconstructs the history of this letter woman and that shred, found in the purse, with a printed publication crown, the crown of the Danish real family. It is the envelope of headed paper of the Court of Queen Ingrid. Queen of Denmark until 1999.
    Who knows because, who knows as the life and the dead women have carried this woman in a city, Prato, than sure was not its. Nobody has looked for in these 68 days to it. Or perhaps it would be better to say, nobody has found again it.
    And it, that thin woman from the appearing age of 55-60 years, blond, alien, curatissima, has carried with himself, to the feet of that tree, nothing more than little pieces than a jigsaw puzzle, the jigsaw puzzle of its life. Pieces that they tell of a anything but dismal life, at least apparently, with interests that they space from the technology laser to the free software, until the real family and that they tell of two continents and at least six nations.
    There is Denmark, perhaps own its Denmark, with maps of the airport of Copenhagen, a male name much municipality, Henrik Eis, pined on the ticket for the subscription to an American scientific magazine, “American scientific”, and there are two pages of an article on the real Danish. And therefore that Danish reigning border of a letter and an envelope left from the palace of, as it certifys the stamp on the stamp, 17 December of 1999.
    Headed paper is of the head of the real Court, the envelope is of the Court of the Queen mother, that Ingrid of Denmark that own five days after the shipment of that letter left the crown the Margreth daughter and that after little months it died.
    The woman without name found died to Prato was known to Palace. Why? It was a chaperon, like suggests the manic precision with which she has perfectly refolded the coat found to its feet? It is a researcher, as well as famous in Denmark to have relationships with the real family like they make to think its notes on electrons and strange molecules?
    The mystery thickens: the body of the letter anyway not is. It remains, in that shred of torn paper, only a place: Amalienborg, the palace where the real ones live from 1974.
    Dalla Danimarca, the sheets conserved with cure in that small black stock exchange where but not there were acknowledgment documents, carries in Arizona: he is in this country, than Henrik Eis he would have a PO Box. But from the citizen of Payson answers to telegrams and the phone calls do not arrive.

    In America, more just in Canada, it leads also the illustrative material of a convention in the island of Vancouver, to the Center Victoria conferences. To pen a date, 24-27 september 2007. Three days in which doctors and experts of computer they were confronted on a ostico topic, the free software. It will have been to that convention?
    But we return in Europe. In Poland, for example, where the shoes can be acquired that it wore at the moment of the dead women, comfortable scarponcini of velvet so tidy to make to doubt that before to die the woman it can have walked a lot. And in Germany where the society of microchip for computer has center of which it has a gadget, a pair of terrifying glasses the traces goes from Denmark, to Canada, from Florence to Viareggio until the epilogue to Prato

    And at last we return to the last ones beaten of our history. We return in Tuscany. Certainly there is that 9 November was to Florence, testifies it a copy of a free newspaper that is distributed only there. They tell two crushed of contained ones in a tray from manifactured 12 November and produced supermarket from a from Tuscany bakery. It indicates, even if with less certainty, the ticket of the train - not vidimato - where to pen has written “13,15 Time Viareggio”. Is this the train that has taken to go to Prato? And if yes, what has made in the 17 hours that separated it from the dead women? Or it has arrived with the first train of the day of its dead women with the inter-city one of the 6,47 where can be found the tovagliolini that the woman had in pocket at the moment of the dead women? If its train had been this the woman would have slept to Florence. Where? Where they are its baggages?

    To Florence it carries also a convention on the laser used in dermatological surgery, the many tickets written in English on this argument guarded in the stock exchange. It is own in from Tuscany chief town, to Viviani villa, than a psychologist of San Marino through the transmission “Who has seen it”, that past monday has followed the case with the correspondent Fiore De Rienzo, swears of it to have seen. And of to us to have even exchanged two chats after the woman, in Italian with foreign accent, would have made a question to one of the relatori. A question on laser and computer science. All it returns, they are the arguments of which speaks the material in the purse.
    The interrogative prince but remains. Who six, poor mrs. from enameled nails of rose?

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    So many disjointed clues, but the photo in the link below is interesting because it does seem to tie a couple of small clues together. It's a photo of "Henrik Eis" AND "Queen Margrethe II" discussing/viewing stamps featuring the Queen Mother Ingrid. Also, if I correctly understand the translation of some of the reports on this case... there were portions of letters/envelopes displaying Amalienborg Palace "Royal Crown" postmark. (The Henrik Eis in the photo is/was a well-known philatelist thus great access to stationery, letterhead, etc).

    I don't know how this photo and info might be of value to the case, but I thought I'd share.

    Photo is on Page 12


    ** If I can figure out how to copy the photo from the pdf I will add it to the post.

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    And, here is an Arizona stamp dealer with "PO Box 211 Payson AZ" as a previous (1999 or so?) address. His name is not Eis, but rather Kreutzer.

    I've having trouble believing this is coincidence, but what could be the connection??


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