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    I think she tells what she has heard through various quarters, but no doubt she puts her own twist on things by omitting some parts and emphasizing others to suit her wishes.

    I don't think she likes Joe, but she adores Misty, and that appears to be true for the whole family. Not uncommon, I guess, but that surely influences her spin.

    It's interesting that she says she personally thinks Haleigh OD'd, which is what some of us believe too... but if true, why would anyone claim Misty hit Haleigh with a board... unless both are true?

    IDK, but I am most eager to know the source of that claim.

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    If she isn't telling the truth, where are her daughters to deny what she is saying about their kids?

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    I vote not credible. Nada.

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    Posting from BB but will be on my pc shortly. The scanner thread followed when she called le recently tha hank sr was beating her daughter lisa. Cops responded and there were no apprent problems. Lisa said her mom was out there or something like that. Today its reported that hank sr said she is out to collect the 35k. But who knows. They all have credibility issues imo.

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    I do not believe anything Ms. Hollars says. It seems that she is only out to get her 15 minutes of fame. I still think Misty is covering for Ronnie and his involvement. Cousin Joe is a red herring. I think if he had any involvement in the crime; it was in disposing of Haleigh. This poor baby never had a chance! I am praying for the TRUTH to come out, not more lies! I don't know if any of the players in this case, know how to tell the truth.

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    This is only IMO but I can not believe what this woman says without proof to back it up. I would want to hear the recordings from the calls.
    It just seemed to me that she was basking from attention and thinking ahead about a reward.
    Now I'm wondering if there had been something told to her at an earlier date and that is what she is reporting now.
    I would be very interested to hear what her relationship with all her grandchildren has been in the past.
    Does she favor Misty over the others?
    Does she feel that MC could not kill a child because she's a young girl?
    Does she dislike JO because he is more local to her and she is more aware of some things he's been involved with whereas the others being long distant they can keep some things quiet from her?
    Does she favor one of their mothers more than the other?

    Seriously, if I had grandchildren locked up in jail with the murder of a 5 yo little girl hanging over their head, there is no way in he(( I would be on any tv show spouting anything. I would get my butt down there to tell them to tell the truth!

    This is multi-generational dysfunction we're seeing and anybody with a lick of sense will run as fast as they can to get free from it all.

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    I skipped through without reading everything. Please forgive me if this was already said. I believe that Granny wants to be crediable.

    What I mean by this is simply, granny believes and adores Misty, if Misty said it...well then of course it must be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krowdkat View Post
    She doesn't come across as a liar to me, yet. She even told the story she heard about Misty hitting Haleigh with a board, and then said she didn't believe that story. Why would she even say that if it is a story she didn't believe.

    I think she might be an enabling g-ma, but I don't know many g-ma's that aren't. LOL

    I will entertain the thought of her wanting to turn over any/everything she might have heard if she can help solve this case and collect 35K.


    My thoughts exactly.

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    Well my thoughts are she is being told stories by known liars. I'll wait for LE to release the tapes.

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    Question Granny, credible?

    Quote Originally Posted by Angel4u2Whisper2 View Post
    I skipped through without reading everything. Please forgive me if this was already said. I believe that Granny wants to be crediable.

    What I mean by this is simply, granny believes and adores Misty, if Misty said it...well then of course it must be true.

    You mean something like, if there's a dog there must be a nanny? If KC has a work bag, she must have a job? Something like that?

    Why Granny isn't credible? We were told during the presser the leads did NOT come from Tennessee. Granny is in Tennessee. Granny has been all over the media telling too many versions. On JVM, she told two stories. On NG, she told three stories. It's obvious she wants to throw Cousin Joe under the bus and save Misty, letting Tommy fall where he may. "Oh, Misty wouldn't hurt Haleigh, she loves children." Cry, cry. But she relished in destroying Joe.

    Perhaps she HAS been told three different stories, or five, or ten. Everyone knows that family can't keep their stories straight. Why believe one over another? Why save Misty? Misty hasn't told the truth in 14 months when she had lots of time to throw anybody else under the bus. She hasn't because Misty is protecting Misty.

    If those kids really telephoned Granny, we'll know eventually when the jailhouse tapes are released with date and time-stamps all over them. If those kids DID make those calls to her, the right thing to do was to call PCSO and let them handle it. If she did call LE, maybe after Tommy already told PCSO his version, the right thing for Granny to do would have been to shut up and stay off television. Her job would have been done and everyone would have respected her for helping get justice for Haleigh. Instead, she's blabbing all over television, chatting with anyone who will listen, with no regard for anyone else but perhaps herself and Misty, and telling numerous variations of what "could" have happened that night.
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    Granny Lies

    Believe Granny? She's Lisa Croslin's mother. What more is there to say.
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    I haven't seen the Flora interviews yet so I have no personal impressions of her character. But I think it's a moot point anyway. Even if she's true through and through she wasn't there so she only knows what she has been told and she has been told several different stories by well practiced liars.

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    Oh I believe Tommy called Granny and maybe he said, I can't live with this anymore, please get in touch with my attorney, I want to talk. I think Granny may have taken it from there.

    On Nancy Grace she was throwing out rumors as to what possibly happened that night and not anything credible that she was told IMO.

    Tommy had information to trade against his criminal charges and I don't think he wasted it on Granny. Supposedly, not only did he meet with his attorney, but also the State's Attorney and that says plea bargain to me.

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    But joining me right now is a very special guest joining us tonight in a primetime exclusive. With us tonight is Misty Croslin`s grandmother. It is also Joe Overstreet`s grandmother. It is Ms. Flora Hollars joining us out of West Nashville, Tennessee. Ms. Hollars, thank you for being with us.

    FLORA HOLLARS, MISTY`S AND JOE`S GRANDMOTHER: You`re very much welcome.

    GRACE: Number one, Ms. Hollars, let me tell you that not only myself but my staff have become very attached to little Haleigh and have been praying for her and thinking of her ever since we learned that she had disappeared, and our thoughts have been with you and the family.

    HOLLARS: I pray for her every night.

    GRACE: Ms. Hollars, tell me about Joe Overstreet. Repeatedly, Misty Croslin has referred to him as being responsible for Haleigh`s disappearance. You have been around him from this -- throughout this entire time. How has his behavior changed since he came back from Florida when Haleigh disappeared?

    HOLLARS: His reactions are completely different than it was before he went down there. He`s not the same kid that he was when we went down there. He has a different attitude toward life and all. He just don`t care.

    GRACE: Ms. Hollars, how does he react when you come into the room wearing a Haleigh T-shirt?

    HOLLARS: Well, it`s my daughter that normally comes into the room wearing one, and he`ll normally turn around and walk out.

    GRACE: Has he ever talked to you about the night Haleigh went missing?

    HOLLARS: No, ma`am.

    GRACE: Have you asked him?

    HOLLARS: Not really.

    GRACE: Why?

    HOLLARS: He just throws his hands up and says, "F" it, and then he`ll get up and walk away.
    I believe this bit about saying "F"it and walking away.
    Why do you think Hollars's daughter wears a Haleigh t-shirt? Is this Joe's mom or another daughter? I doubt they think keeping Haleigh's face out there is going to help Haleigh be found in Tennessee and they didn't know her at all(presumably). Is it just a show of support to Haleigh's family or are they deliberately trying to get a reaction from Joe?

    GRACE: Did Tommy Croslin call you from behind bars? And if so, what did he say?

    HOLLARS: He told me he was crying. And he says, Nanny, I`ve got to break down. I`ve got to tell somebody. And I told him, I says, Tommy, I know in my heart exactly what you`re fixing to say. He says, Nanny, what do you mean? I said, Are you going to tell me that Joe did this? He says, Yes, Nanny, Joe did.
    Firstly, if Tommy had to tell Granny he was crying he wasn't. (MOO). She'd have heard it from his voice. Second, this is not good as far as confessions go because Granny admits openly that she put the words in Tommy's mouth. But it is interesting that she seems very open to the possibility of JDI. Maybe it's just because that's what Misty told her earlier but I think Joe's behavior plays a part in it. She might be biased because Joe's lived with Granny and she has a better opportunity to observe his drinking, drug use and ways of getting in trouble (if any) than those of her grandchildren in Florida.

    GRACE: Joining us tonight is a very special guest, a guest who has been through hell. With us is Flora Hollars. That`s Misty Croslin and Joe Overstreet`s grandmother.

    Ms. Hollars, you have heard now three different versions of what happened the night Haleigh went missing. What is the most recent version you have been told?

    HOLLARS: What I was told by Misty this morning was that Tommy and Joe took Haleigh and wrapped a yellow rope around her and carried her to the dock and tied a brick around the bottom -- the other end of the rope and throwed her into the river. Now, that come from Misty`s mouth into my ear.

    GRACE: This morning?

    HOLLARS: Yes, ma`am.
    She says it was Misty who told her about Tommy and Joe tying Haleigh to a brick. It makes sense to me; I believe Misty wants to blame everyone but herself. What is lacking in this account is explanation as to why Misty was there to observe all this, down to the color of the rope, and why she didn't call 911.

    GRACE: Could I ask you why they would have done that? Joe Overstreet and Tommy Croslin, why they would have done that? Had they allegedly molested Haleigh?

    HOLLARS: That I don`t know.

    GRACE: Why would they just throw her in the water?

    HOLLARS: I don`t know. (INAUDIBLE) continue to talk to Misty, she`s going to tell me.
    The details are lacking but Misty may come up with new specs given time.

    GRACE: OK. What is the second version you were told about Haleigh`s death?

    HOLLARS: I was told that Misty had knocked her in the head and killed her and that Joe and Tommy got rid of her.

    GRACE: Knocked her in the head with what, a cinderblock?

    HOLLARS: No, just a piece of wood or something, is the way that it was put to me. But I didn`t believe that when I heard it.

    GRACE: Who told you that?

    HOLLARS: It come from one of them in Florida, is all I can say.

    GRACE: Did they say why Misty would have struck 5-year-old Haleigh?

    HOLLARS: No, they didn`t.

    GRACE: OK. Ms. Hollars...

    HOLLARS: (INAUDIBLE) overdose.
    Why can't she say who told her this one? She could say which story came from Misty. Is this story from someone in Florida but not in jail right now? One of them who are still in Florida or one of them who used to be in Florida when Haleigh disappeared? Why didn't she believe this story? Because it blamed Misty? Because she doesn't trust the source? If Joe told her this I would understand she doesn't believe but she said Joe doesn't talk about it so apparently it's not him.

    GRACE: What was the first story you were told about Haleigh`s death?

    HOLLARS: First thing that I was told was that Joe had killed her. That was the first words that I was told.

    GRACE: Why was -- why did he kill her in the first version?

    HOLLARS: That I don`t have any idea. I don`t even know whether she was dead when she hit the water or not.

    GRACE: Who told you the first version?

    HOLLARS: Oh, that may have came from Misty. I`m not sure.
    Serious lack of detail here and she's not sure who told her this.

    I don't know about you but I think if I was told that my grandchild killed a person I'd remember who said so. And I'd have asked why.

    GRACE: We are taking your calls live. Before we go to the lines, I want to go back to Ms. Flora Hollars, joining us tonight in a primetime exclusive. This is Misty Croslin and Joe Overstreet`s grandmother. Ms. Hollars, again, thank you for being with us.

    HOLLARS: You`re welcome.

    GRACE: And my question regarding the three versions you`ve been told -- who knows if any of them are true -- that you were told in each of these scenarios, where was Croslin? In the first scenario, the one that Croslin told you this morning, where was Croslin when everything happened?

    HOLLARS: She didn`t tell me that.
    Of course not... And Granny didn't ask any questions?

    GRACE: She just said that Joe Overstreet killed Misty -- killed Haleigh?

    HOLLARS: He and Tommy -- she said Joe Overstreet and Tommy wrapped the rope around Haleigh and carried her to the dock at the St. John`s River and put a block around the other end of the rope and throwed her in the river.
    Maybe she's just echoing NG but it strikes me as odd she refers to her grandson living with her as "Joe Overstreet" but to TC as "Tommy". There is no other Joe involved so there's no danger of confusion that would necessitate the use of last name.

    GRACE: But what, Ms. Hollars, could be their possible motivation for killing a 5-year-old girl?

    HOLLARS: That`s something that I don`t know! There`s three grandkids of mine that`s involved in this, and I don`t know why! But I`d sure like to know why. They have no remorse or something. But nobody decided to say anything until I broke Tommy on the phone Sunday. And yes, I`m the one that called the detectives. And yes, I`m the one that sent them to the river!

    The way she says "Yes, I'm the one..." makes it sound like she's angling for the reward.

    I think there is a problem in her timeline some place. Here she says that nobody said anything until Tommy said something on Sunday but a couple of paragraphs above she said she's not sure who told her the first story but it might have been Misty.

    GRACE: Well, God bless you. God bless you for finally bringing some peace to this case. I pray to God in heaven that it does. Ms. Hollars...

    HOLLARS: I hope so.

    GRACE: Ms. Hollars, when Joe -- excuse me -- when Tommy Croslin calls you from the jail crying, what did he say happened?

    HOLLARS: He was crying. And I told him, I said, You failed your lie detector test, didn`t you, Tommy? He says, Yes, I did. And I told him, I says, Now it`s time for it to come to a head. I want to know right now. In my heart, I already know. I said, Did Joe do this? He says, Yes, Nanny, Joe did. But he never implicated himself at that time. Misty`s the one that implicated Joe and Tommy.

    GRACE: Did Tommy Croslin...

    HOLLARS: Misty is coming clean.

    GRACE: Did Tommy Croslin tell you what happened, other than he just killed her?

    HOLLARS: That`s all he said.

    GRACE: I want to remind everyone that according to police, none of the three -- Croslin, Tommy Croslin or Joe Overstreet -- are persons of interest or suspects in Haleigh`s disappearance.
    Again, Granny putting words in Tommy's mouth.
    I believe her about Tommy failing his LDT.
    The way she inserts "Misty is coming clean" in the middle of NG's question about Tommy makes it look like she might be okay about Tommy and Joe doing it but not Misty. Misty is the honest one.
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    Wonder why they all run to Granny? Daddy seems to be trying to talk to them and get them to do the right thing.
    Def something I'd take to my dad before my granny...
    or my mom.... (not that I think I'd ever get involved in something llike this & muh grannies are dead so is my mom = ( )
    ~ my opinion only

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