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    Quote Originally Posted by impatientredhead View Post
    Feeling dumb and off to google all of these references so I have some context for this post

    I get the Solomon reference, but the rest is over my head(s)

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    After listening to all the jailhouse calls I could tell there were times LE were shutting off access to certain people Misty and Tommy wanted to call. I figured it was one of their investigative tools.
    .............Any man's death diminishes me because I am
    involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
    it tolls for thee. . . .
    from Meditation 17
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    On the Levi Page radio program Leonard Padillo said GGM Hollors was lying about receiving those phone calls from Tommy and Misty. The reason he says he knows this is because he (Leonard) pays for Tommy and Mistys phone accounts and at that time there was a mix up and TC and MC did not have telephone access to GGM.

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    Grandma H appeared credible to me on the NG show. As others have pointed out, she repeated statements told to her by her grandchildren. Her credibility on the show was cemented for me when she uttered the opinion to Grace that perhaps her grandchildren have no remorse.

    She may lessen in credibility this evening when she appears on JVM depending upon whether she is again able to separate the "truth" as told to her by her grandchildren from her opinions (I don't think Misty did it - paraphrased).
    I felt she did a good job distinguishing between the two during her appearance. That was not easy, and don't expect it will be any easier tonight. Will have to see.

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    Because of all the story-changing amongst these players that's been going on for well over a year, if I were to repeat them on the NG show I doubt I'd sound credible either.

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    As usual, JVM always has a good show when I have to miss it. Why do we see NG 3 times a night, and her show only once?
    My grandson is close to setting school records in baseball, and I don't want to miss a single game. I hope you guys take good notes on the show tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas Bride View Post
    This is only IMO but I can not believe what this woman says without proof to back it up. I would want to hear the recordings from the calls.
    It just seemed to me that she was basking from attention and thinking ahead about a reward.
    Now I'm wondering if there had been something told to her at an earlier date and that is what she is reporting now.
    I would be very interested to hear what her relationship with all her grandchildren has been in the past.
    Does she favor Misty over the others?
    Does she feel that MC could not kill a child because she's a young girl?
    Does she dislike JO because he is more local to her and she is more aware of some things he's been involved with whereas the others being long distant they can keep some things quiet from her?
    Does she favor one of their mothers more than the other?

    Seriously, if I had grandchildren locked up in jail with the murder of a 5 yo little girl hanging over their head, there is no way in he(( I would be on any tv show spouting anything. I would get my butt down there to tell them to tell the truth!

    This is multi-generational dysfunction we're seeing and anybody with a lick of sense will run as fast as they can to get free from it all.

    We may not have heard the phone calls form the jail--but I the police have and they stared a whole new search

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    I don't think that Granny Flo is not telling the truth, but I think that she has embellished the various tales that she's been told by her grandchildren. I was miffed by her asking Tommy, "Do you think that Joe did it?" We all know about the power of suggestion, and I couldn't help wondering if Tommy would have implicated Joe if his grandmother had not prompted him with her question. I wish that she had simply given Tommy the opportunity to tell her what he knew.

    That said, I have thought for some time that the Croslin "children" are not particularly comfortable sharing intimate details of their lives with their parents, Hank, Sr. and/or Lisa. There appears to be a generation gap in this family, and the children may feel more at ease talking with Grandma than with their parents. Jailhouse conversations of both Tommy and Misty with their mother seemed very superficial and focused on mundane topics like accommodations, food, etc. Hank, Sr. attempted to encourage his children to do the right thing, but neither Tommy nor Misty appeared to be duly influenced by their dad's admonitions.

    Perhaps sibling conflicts in the Croslin home were handled mostly by Hank, Sr. while Lisa remained neutral or uninvolved. Hank seems to want to get to the bottom of difficult issues, while Lisa remains aloof. Maybe Grandma Hollars has always been more understanding and provided a balance between harsh expectations by their dad but expressing more concern for them than their mother. jmo
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    2010-04-20 JVM: Grandma Says Misty told her what happened to Haleigh.

    Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell: Grandma joins us tonight! She says she knows what happened to Haleigh, she heard the whole story from Misty.
    What questions do you still want answered?

    ! TIA

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    The show has begun and the topic is not for the faint of heart.

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    JVM is going over stuff we already have heard. Flora will be on the show.

    Running a clip of Flora.

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    I hope that someone asks her what Hank Sr. and Lisa have said to her regarding her public outing of Tommy and Misty, also Joe O.'s mom.

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    FH: tommy called he was whimpering, like crying
    i said time to come clean
    if whats in my heart is true

    we talked bout his children and his wife

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    did tommy admit he was at river?

    that's what i'd like to know.

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    Just as an observation here. Why does Grandma Hollar appear to be so eager to be talking about her own grandchildren here? Also, Please note her new makeup and hairstyle. Exactly like Misty in her interviews. Very strange to me. Just pointing out that she is so eager to protect Misty in this case.

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