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    IL - Vishv, 7, & Om Patel, 4, burned alive, Glendale Heights, 18 Nov 2007

    This guy has the scariest mugshot I've ever seen.

    He attempted to commit suicide in November 2007 and decided to include his two young sons: by pouring gasoline over them, and touching a match to it. He lived. The beautiful little boys, Om and Vishv Patel, ages 4 and 7, were charred alive and barely survived the night.

    The two tiny brothers hovered in a state of hell for three months, suffering excruciating pain, endless surgeries and debridements before they finally passed away in January and February 2008.

    The father pled guilty this weekend in order to avoid the death penalty. He will be sentenced in May.

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    It gets worse and worse with each story. What gorgeous little boys. Wish this bastard would have done the world a favor burnt his self to death and left those precious kids out of it.
    Happy New Years

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    Why is it, exactly, that the kids always seem to have to go down with the ship??? I also find it interesting how these parents manage to successfully kill their loved ones but then fail miserably when it comes to killing themselves...

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    If he was trying to commit suicide, then he should welcome the death penalty.

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    Hopefully someone will torch him in prison.

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    Too bad he didn't get it right in 2007!

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    they should not have allowed this plea, IMO...but maybe surviving family members wanted it...how cowardly...
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Ok yeah that mugshot is going to give me nightmares now.

    Poor little babies...

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