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Possibly not for us, but somebody redressed JonBenet in those size-12's and left a blood-stained, pink barbie nightgown beside her body, and we have yet to make sense of this. So a move may have satisfied JR,s agenda?

That FW missed JonBenet wrapped in a white blanket, along with a blood-stained, pink barbie nightgown, a barbie doll, and various partially opened gifts, some of whose contents may have been on the floor, seems odd, maybe its as DeeDee249 suggests that JonBenet was towards the back, and JR moved her closer to the front?

By some accounts, the wine cellar was an inaccessible location. It makes little to no sense (to me) to relocate the body from another location in the basement to a rarely used, windowless room. I could accept that perhaps her body was in the crawl space initially, I still have a difficult time trying to figure out how this move could benefit the R's in such a way to risk blowing the lid off the whole thing by moving her to an area that could have already been thoroughly searched for all he knew. I don't think the benefits outweighed the risks unless her body was previously placed in a location that would have been unknown to anyone that didn't live in the house.

I make the presumption that the entire scene in the wine cellar was staging on the R's part, so I'm personally lead to believe that the body was in the wine cellar the entire time. I do think it's probable that the body could have been moved closer to the door once it became clear that no one had looked closely enough to spot JB's body, the blanket, the barbie and the nighty.