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    King Family Seeks extended gag order


    Yesterday the King family moved to expand the current gag order--they want LE, DA, and all players prohibited from making any public statements about the matter, or disseminating any information.

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    The judge just lifted the gag order.


    For the sake of the parents and victims, I hope the media refuses to print any sordid details!

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    Medical Examiner's office will not release reports


    Also on Tuesday, the medical examiner's office announced that it would not release its reports on the murders of King and Dubois.

    NBCSanDiego and other local media outlets asked for copies of the report, which contain the findings of the investigations, a summary of the autopsies and toxicology reports. Those documents are routinely available to any member of the public.

    Source: Gardner Sentencing Moved | NBC San Diego

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