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    2010.04.30 More evidence to be released Friday morning, Judge Perry orders hearing

    Judge Perry orders hearing Friday, April 30th

    Casey Anthony latest news: Judge Perry could rule for death penalty despite jurors vote

    "She's safe. She's in God's loving arms. In a lot of ways, I'm content by the fact that she will never have to have her heart broken, or see the constant negativity that our society breeds -nor will she ever be abused or taken advantage of." -Casey Anthony
    "They just want Caylee back, that's all they're worried about right now,"- Casey Anthony

    "I'm so angry and disappointed in our country's legal system, it makes me sick." -Casey Anthony
    "I guess you could say I am living for free off the kindness of strangers." -Casey Anthony
    "(Both of my parents are) not working, still, and yet, have the means to travel all over the country and don't feel that they have to explain where or why. Odd, right? -Casey Anthony

    I am so sorry Caylee.

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    I hope this Judge is not going to mess around with the defense. It is about time for HARD Ball in this case!!!!! And of all things Justice for Caylee Marie!

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    be sure to open a new thread for this tomorrow. oh wait does this mean the evidence and the hearing are both friday the 30th?

    ETA: ok these are 2 different things going on.
    Please start a thread on the new evidence tomorrow when it comes out.
    Please start a thread on the hearing on 4/30 when it happens.
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