Thomas Stackiewicz looked at his son, comatose at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center after the Super Bowl riots, and made a promise.

"As I stood over him, I said, 'Jason, if you wake up and you live, I'll buy you a Corvette,' " he said. "I was committed, and then when he woke, I told him what I'd promised him."

Jason Stackiewicz, 21, suffered severe brain injuries when he was struck by a sport utility vehicle Feb. 2 on Symphony Road after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. He has recovered to the point he will be able to return to Northeastern University in September to continue his criminal justice studies.

In May, he picked out a $75,000 Corvette.

"I think he had motivation to get better," said Thomas Stackiewicz, who lives in La Grange, N.Y., near Poughkeepsie.

The Stackiewiczes went to Poughkeepsie Chevrolet, where Jason ordered a 2005 torch red Corvette, equipped with a flat-screen television, DVD player, global positioning system, satellite radio, and chrome wheels.

"It's so new," said Thomas Carter, a salesman at the dealership. "He got the first allocation probably in this area. You can't get it any more loaded."

Jason Stackiewicz's new car will arrive at his home in September, his father said. The Corvette will replace his $40,000 Mustang Cobra convertible.

"He's going from great to best," his

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