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    Gardner tried to admit self to mental hospital pre-Chelsea murder

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    He makes his apology and then covers it with excuses. No wonder the families do want to comment, its an empty apology.
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    The source also tells News 8, days before the murder of Poway teenager Chelsea King, Gardner tried to admit himself into a mental hospital but was denied.
    Was this before or after he attacked the other girl? (not amber, the one in the park that got him with the elbow to the face...)
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    Personally I am incredibly relieved for the families that this guy pled guilty instead of forcing a trial...I don't care much about how he feels about what he did and don't understand what he means by saying he tried to get help, but at least there won't be a painful, hugely expensive trial. Sure, that may have resulted in DP, but chances are it would never be carried out, or not within the next 20+ years anyway. Pleading guilty was the only thing he could do that could be of any use to community at this point and even if he did it for selfish reasons, that does not take any the benefit to community, IMO.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Everything he did is someone else's fault for not stopping him. I am sorry but choosing to kill is a choice; a choice he ALONE made.
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